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Oracle sensors RFID data

Oracle this morning announced a new set of sensor-based applications that manage and analyze data from RFID readers.

Oracle Corp. is targeting businesses looking to adopt radio frequency identification (RFID) pilot programs with a software package aimed at integrating data from RFID readers into a company's IT systems.

The company this morning introduced sensor-based services, a set of applications that capture, manage and analyze data from RFID readers. The announcement was made at the RFID Journal Live Conference in Chicago.

The offering has two parts: a compliance assistance package and an RFID pilot kit for those just testing the RFID waters.

Oracle has strength and a proven track record managing huge amounts of data within an enterprise, and this gives them a lot of ability to deliver on RFID as well.
Michael Dominy
senior analystYankee Group

The compliance assistance package consists of prebuilt applications to enable rapid RFID deployment, Oracle said. The pilot kit integrates RFID data into Oracle's database and its application server.

The new software is designed to be compatible with any RFID system or devices a company is using, as well as the standards they adhere to, Oracle said.

The pilot kit is aimed at companies that are beginning to explore RFID and sensors. It will include drivers for RFID readers, reporting capabilities and advanced business intelligence tools. It is designed to help companies provide visibility into business processes through pilots and prototype testing, Oracle said.

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Oracle's challenge will be convincing customers that RFID compliance is more than just a warehouse management issue, said Michael Dominy, a senior analyst on business applications and commerce with Boston-based Yankee Group.

"Oracle has strength and a proven track record managing huge amounts of data within an enterprise, and this gives them a lot of ability to deliver on RFID as well," Dominy said. "It is not unusual for Oracle's services arm to build in technology on top of their core infrastructure."

Oracle still lags behind SAP AG when it comes to RFID offerings, Dominy said. SAP has been involved in RFID pilot programs during the last several years. The company launched RFID software last year and an updated infrastructure package in January.

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