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Oracle's Data Hub reflects new attitude

Oracle's new application architecture model, called Data Hub, will allow customers to integrate their legacy applications with Oracle products.

SAN DIEGO -- Marking the official beginning of the Oracle AppsWorld 2004 conference, Oracle announced a new application architecture model for Oracle customers called Data Hub. It will allow customers who can't afford to migrate all of their applications to Oracle 11i to retain legacy applications and benefit from a single data model.

"With the E-Business Suite, you're going to get your information faster," said Chuck Phillips, who was recently named co-president of Oracle. "But this is a way for you to get the most out of your stored information with near real-time data synchronization. This is not a data warehouse. The goal here is to have a system of record."

Phillips and Jeff Henley, who was recently named chairman of the board, told users that the company will become more customer-focused and that it will offer better tools for integrating legacy applications with Oracle's 11i E-Business Suite and 10g Application Server.

It was the first time Phillips and Henley have spoken publicly since their promotions earlier this month. Speaking Tuesday to thousands of attendees who crammed into a crowded conference hall, Henley promised a significant change in Oracle customer relations.

"There's a big theme here, which is that we want to be even more customer-centric then we've ever been," Henley said of the management changes. "We will continue to make investments in both technology and the applications space."

Oracle is a better data management company because it is also in the application business, Phillips said. The company has increasingly invested in applications developers, bringing the number from 3,000 several years ago to its current level of more than 5,000.

New tools being offered by Oracle will allow data cleansing and give Data Hub customers information on key customer interactions, including orders, contracts and service history. Currently Dell Inc., Cisco Systems Inc. and Telecom New England are using Data Hub to integrate their customer applications, Phillips said.

"You can still get that 360-degree view of customer, even if you have multiple applications," he said.

Joe Lawton, an IT Manager at Alcan Aluminum in Oswego, N.Y., said he came to AppsWorld to gather information as he considers whether to migrate his company to a complete Oracle 11i E-Business Suite. The company has been using an application suite that is outdated, he said.

The company, which is known for creating the aluminum coating on cooking pans, is running an Oracle 8i database customer and uses Oracle's manufacturing software, which is part of the E-Business Suite.

"We're a manufacturing company, so it's important to have customer information at our fingertips," he said. "It's a matter of when to migrate to the full suite."


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