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Oracle HRMS gets XML certified

By adopting the non-profit HR-XML Consortium's open data exchange standard, Oracle HRMS allows HR departments to transfer data smoothly to staffing firms.

Oracle announced this week that its Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) suite has been certified by the nonprofit organization that developed HR-XML, the open data exchange standard intended to smooth communication between individual human resources departments and the staffing industry.

Over 100 companies now support the standard, which was developed by the Raleigh, N.C.-based HR-XML Consortium. HR-XML addresses human resources-related documents, including resumes, job postings and time cards, as well as helping with tasks such as benefits enrollment, payroll contributions, background checks and the establishment of performance metrics, said DJ Chhabra, Oracle's vice president of HR product development.

"Customers continuously ask us to provide interfaces to the various job boards out there and, with this standard interface, their work is completely streamlined," he said.

Bradenton, Fla.-based Gevity HR Inc., a human resources outsourcing firm, is using HR-XML support within Oracle HRMS to communicate with partners, said Mark Zimmerman, Gevity's vice president of IT. The company recently implemented Oracle's iRecruitment tool, part of the HRMS suite, to process the more than 200,000 applications the firm receives each year, he said.

New functionalities within Oracle HRMS include tools to help companies with what Chhabra calls predictive modeling. Dashboard views of data will help companies use past trends to understand future behavior, Chhabra said.

Having the ability to predict behavior will allow companies reduce turnover, he said, by, for example, offering benefits to an employee that a company wants retain.

"You need to put programs in place to retain key people and increase morale in an organization to build a better product, and that's the next step in the evolution of HR software," he said. "We're working on this feature right now, and there's tools within our database that allow data mining, which is a key component to predict trends."

Oracle iRecruitment was released to the public in 2002. Oracle says the product currently has several hundred customers.


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