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Oracle's iLearning tests employee performance

General Physics Corporation grades Oracle's iLearning software, which is helping ensure their employees comply with new federal regulations.

Elkridge, Md.-based General Physics Corp., a company that provides an online training portal for more than 5,000 employees at about 40 power plants, used to have its own learning management program.

But problems began to mount with the firm's in-house software. Using multiple operating systems caused major headaches for those administering tests and managing the exam results.

To improve efficiency and reduce downtime, the company tested an offering from Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Saba Software Inc., as well as tools from several smaller vendors, before deciding on Oracle's learning management system, iLearning, said Kim Stewart, applications manager at General Physics.

"We wanted something standard that you could use straight out of a box," she said. "We were looking for a more straightforward product, without customization issues."

Like its competitors, iLearning is a learning management system that provides an infrastructure for organizations to manage, deliver and track employee training. The software can be implemented as a standalone product or integrated into the Oracle HRMS application suite. It complies with all major data standards, including XML and SCORM, allowing customers to easily transfer data between multiple HR systems.

Moving General Physics' 2,200 training courses and examinations took three months because most of the material was HTML-based, Stewart said. Oracle gave the company the proper tags and the information was uploaded to Oracle, which hosts the General Physics training portal.

Oracle says that demand for the iLearning software, which has been available for three years, has increased recently, as companies seek to train employees to meet new data-retention requirements brought into play by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Oracle recently announced enhanced Web services capabilities and interoperability for iLearning. The company hopes the upgrades will help customers who are replacing or upgrading old learning software to simplify integration between Oracle iLearning and any human resources system.


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