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Singles try to score Sox-Yankees tix online

The Red Sox haven't won since 1918, and some members haven't had a date in almost as long. Now the dateless are trying to play the field and score some World Series tickets at the same time.

When the American League Championship Series headed to New York this week, it was clear that Red Sox fan Erica Kurkjian had finally struck out.

Kurkjian, a 30-year-old resident of South Boston and Red Sox Nation, advertised herself on a bulletin board at as the perfect Fenway Park date. She attended the 1999 match-up between Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens, and Kurkjian used that stat as part of her online pitch.

"I told them I was at Fenway in '99 to see Pedro and Clemens, and I'm kind of like a good luck charm, because Pedro was great that night," Kurkjian said.

However, Kurkjian wound up watching Game 3 on television, and it was Clemens who scored a win last Saturday. Now the sensational best-of-seven series is tied, and is sizzling with singles who want hot dates for the World Series.

One headline reads: "I'm cuter than Nomar." Another guy wants women to submit essays on why they would make a great World Series date. Yet another places restrictions on applicants, specifying "no drunks, no racists, no one who elected George Bush, and no one over 32." But one SWM saw no problem with a little binge drinking. He wrote: "This is about New York, or Boston, pride. This is about history. This is about shots of tequila! No art-gallery types need apply."

What a winner.

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