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Employers ask DBAs for extras

Recruiters are hunting for Oracle DBAs with experience in everything from Java to J.D. Edwards, and they're asking that only nice guys with no attitude apply. In this economy, employers know they can make special requests and still see plenty of resumes.

When Gary Naranjo places an advertisement for a database administrator, he knows he'll hear from plenty of qualified candidates. A Pittsburgh-based recruiter for the A.C. Coy agency, Naranjo also knows he can ask for extras.

Along with requiring several years of experience, Naranjo and other hiring managers are also making specific requests, ranging from experience with Linux, Java and Perl to a willingness to travel abroad.

Employers are asking that senior Oracle DBAs, for example, also have experience supporting SAP, J.D. Edwards, Baan and other ERP systems. Other Oracle DBA job advertisements ask for candidates who have worked with Oracle's Real Application Cluster (RAC) technology. Many of them make SQL Server experience a requirement.

"Companies are looking for people with experience in more than one specific platform," Naranjo said. "And a lot of times, they are looking for someone who has crossed over into different flavors of databases."

Naranjo recently posted a job opening for a senior DBA with Unix experience, and a minimum five years' experience with SQL programming. The salary will range between $70,000 and $95,000, depending on the candidate's qualifications.

Karthik Bala, a recruiter with Woodbridge, N.J.-based E-Pro Inc., is looking for a number of Oracle DBAs to fill positions for clients in California. In addition to expertise in replication and recovery, applicants with skills in application support are needed, he said.

"We've had 50 to 60 applicants, and I can say it's not easy to stand out without other skills," Bala said.

Experience in Web-based technologies is a top priority for Vinayak Moghe, a recruiter at Pittsburgh-based Computer Enterprises Inc., a database consultancy. Moghe is searching for a senior IBM DB2 database administrator for a contract position in Rhode Island, and so far he has interviewed two candidates for the position, which was posted on the Web on Oct. 9.

"We're looking for someone who is a hard-core DBA," he said. The DBA should also know Java, he said.

Just as "hard-core" is a description that is vulnerable to varying interpretations, so are many other specifics named in job advertisements.

One Oracle DBA job advertisement currently posted on reads, in part, "ability to encourage the productive sharing of knowledge." A New Jersey company is advertising for an Oracle senior DBA who has "great mentoring skills." Characteristics such as "motivated" and "enthusiastic" are common requests, along with requests for team players who can talk to non-technical types.

"They can ask for 'good guys' if they want -- or someone who can tell a good joke," said San Francisco-based Oracle DBA Greg Larson, trying to be funny. "The employers are holding all the cards, obviously. It seems like they are asking for a heck of a lot more than just 'good organizational skills.'"


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