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Oracle Collaborate conference generates buzz in Las Vegas

The Oracle database and applications forum, presented by three independent user groups, combines hands-on experiences, networking opportunities and an exhibitor showcase.

The Collaborate conference unites Oracle users and IT decision makers from the three largest user groups focused on Oracle technologies. This year's Collaborate 16 event, April 10 to 14 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, features sessions running the gamut of Oracle applications, databases and middleware tools. 

"We have users with real-life experience presenting at the conference," said David Start, executive committee member on the Independent Oracle Users Group board of directors. "This isn't a sales pitch."

With approximately 6,000 participants taking part in more than 1,200 sessions, there is a lot to learn -- from both presenters and fellow attendees. "You are not just sitting in a room watching slides," said Patricia Dues, president of the Oracle Applications Users Group. "There is an opportunity to interact with the speakers, presenters and Oracle executives."

Aren't able to experience the Collaborate conference in person? Don't worry; from big data and mobile development to the cloud, we have you covered with all the major happenings.

We're also here to help you see what's on the minds of Oracle database and application users who are attending the conference. SearchOracle staff is at Collaborate 16 and will have eyes on social media as the conference unfolds.

Here is a look at what Collaborate conference attendees are chatting about in the Twittersphere.

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