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With Oracle API Manager and SOA Cloud, simplicity is key

Oracle released two new services for the Oracle Cloud Platform: Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service. They are designed for non-developers.

In releasing its Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Cloud and API Manager Cloud Service this week, Oracle boosted its cloud platform while also hoping to offer additional ease of use for customers.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service is built to fit the needs of a wide array of developers, including what Amit Zavery, senior vice president of integration products at Oracle, called "citizen developers." Such people aren't trained in programming, so Oracle SOA Cloud Service includes no-code options for creating applications and an interface designed to give users more control.

Oracle SOA Cloud Service provides provisioning, automated upgrades and the ability to easily scale out. All of this should allow users to quickly create and deploy APIs, "making it as simple as possible to do integrations," Zavery said.

Simplicity is key, as cloud and mobile integration becomes more complex. REST-based APIs have become more popular as a way to mitigate the risk brought on by increasing complexity. Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service have REST natively available, allowing for the easy creation of RESTful APIs. Oracle API Manager Cloud Service also includes a tool for API lifecycle management.

Potentially clearer path to the cloud

Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service are based on Oracle's on-premises product, Oracle SOA Suite. According to Zavery, Oracle currently has more than 7,000 people using Oracle SOA Suite. He said that since the same product runs in the cloud and on-premises, it will easy for those customers to move part or all of their SOA Suite to the cloud. "Everything you've invested in doesn't have to be thrown away just so you can change your environment," he said.

Everything you've invested in doesn't have to be thrown away just so you can change your environment.
Amit Zaverysenior vice president of integration products at Oracle

According to Zavery, the Oracle Cloud Platform is complete with the addition of Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service, though Oracle will add more features over time. Developers do not need to configure the new capabilities, he said.

The last major update to Oracle's cloud platform took place in June, with the addition of two dozen cloud computing services. At the time, Larry Ellison, CTO and executive chairman of the board, said that with the additions, Oracle had reached a comprehensive cloud offering and customers could start moving everything in their data centers to the cloud.

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