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Maxymiser joins Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle acquired CRM company Maxymiser to be part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Maxymiser specializes in testing, targeting and personalizing marketing.

In an attempt to gain an edge over competitors, Oracle has acquired yet another company to boost its marketing cloud offerings.

On Aug. 20, Oracle acquired New York-based customer relationship management company Maxymiser to augment the Oracle Marketing Cloud portfolio. Maxymiser provides a variety of cloud-based marketing tools for improving customer experience and retaining customers. It specializes in software for testing, targeting and personalizing what customers see when they open up emails, webpages or mobile applications.

Its Customer Experience Optimization suite includes A/B and multivariate testing, omnichannel analysis, marketing automation, testing segmentation, behavioral targeting and product recommendations for Web-, mobile-, social- and email-based marketing campaigns. Oracle plans to incorporate these capabilities into the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Maxymiser purchase price kept quiet

Maxymiser was founded in 2006 and now has 400 employees. Oracle claims that Maxymiser technology is used to target marketing campaigns to 20 billion customers every month. Maxymiser has over 250 clients, including HSBC, Epson, Virgin Media, Lufthansa, Alaska Airlines and Lacoste.

At present, the exact details of the deal between Oracle and Maxymiser have not been disclosed. However, Oracle has a long history of buying smaller companies when putting together its capabilities. Oracle Marketing Cloud, for instance, is already built from a range of products incorporated from companies such as Eloqua, BlueKai and Responsys.

Oracle bought Eloqua for $871 million, BlueKai for about $400 million and Responsys for $1.5 billion. While Oracle has paid top dollar and swooped in for a low bid, Business Insider reported that Maxymiser was one case in which Oracle paid well.

Oracle is not alone in buying companies in the marketing sector. SAP and Adobe are also acquiring firms to improve their marketing clouds.

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