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Oracle to support Docker in next Solaris Zones release

The upcoming release of Oracle Solaris Zones will support Docker's Linux-based, open source application container technology to aid app distribution.

Oracle's plans to support Docker's application container technology in its next release of Oracle Solaris points to efforts to help Solaris customers more easily create containers.

Oracle Solaris Zones creates partitions in virtualized operating systems to make isolated and contained environments for running applications. With Docker integrated into Oracle Solaris, Solaris customers will be able to use the Docker platform to distribute applications built and running in Oracle Solaris Zones. In other words, Docker will augment, not replace, Oracle Solaris Zones. Oracle also has plans to make its WebLogic Server and other software available as Docker images for use in development and testing.

Oracle recently released the beta version of Oracle Solaris 11.3. The beta version doesn't include integration with Docker, but it does have improvements and new features for Oracle Solaris Zones. These include secure live migration, live configuration and verified boot for Oracle Kernel Zones. Oracle has not released a go-live date for the completed version of Oracle Solaris 11.3.

Docker will augment, not replace, Oracle Solaris Zones.

The collaboration combines Oracle Solaris Zones' security, analytics and resource isolation capabilities with Docker's ability to easily create containers in development, production and cloud environments, Markus Flierl, vice president of Solaris Core Technology at Oracle, said in a statement.

Also, in combining efforts, Oracle Solaris Zones brings an established container technology to Docker environments, Nick Stinemates, vice president of business development and technical alliances at Docker, said in a statement.

Oracle joins Open Container Initiative

This is not the only collaboration between Oracle, Docker and the rest of the open source containerization community. At OSCON 2015, Oracle announced that it will be joining the Open Container Initiative, a coalition of more than 35 organizations -- including Docker. The Open Container Initiative is a project under the Linux Foundation umbrella to create common standards for software containers. The Open Container Initiative uses Docker's base container format at runtime as a foundational technology.

Started in 2013 as an open source project for developing and running distributed applications, Docker is a Linux-based platform for automating the deployment of applications inside of software containers. Since Docker's founding, it has become immensely popular in data center and cloud IT circles. However, Oracle Solaris has had its own application container technology for more than 10 years. Oracle inherited Oracle Solaris Zones -- originally Solaris Containers -- when it acquired Solaris in 2009.

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