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Oracle Mobile Cloud Services to work with Xamarin

Oracle is looking to enhance Mobile Cloud Services with the help of startup Xamarin. Other announcements from Oracle include the release of Commerce Cloud and updates on the impending lawsuit with Rimini Street.

Oracle's latest technology partner is Xamarin, Inc., a four-year-old mobile application development startup based in San Francisco. Xamarin is one of the top three cross-platform mobile application development companies, according to a survey of 8,000 VisionMobile customers. The partnership announcement comes two weeks after Oracle unveiled its plans for new cloud platform services for the Oracle Cloud. Xamarin will work with Oracle on one of the new cloud platform offerings, Oracle Mobile Cloud Services.

The collaboration will allow applications created using Xamarin's popular platform to integrate into the back end of the Mobile Cloud Services. Xamarin will provide capabilities -- such as push notifications, authentication, mobile APIs, data storage, diagnostics and analytics -- as well as the ability to continuously test and monitor applications. Mobile Cloud Services users will have access to Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Insights.

Oracle debuts the Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle has released the latest part of the Oracle Customer Experience applications portfolio, the Oracle Commerce Cloud. The Commerce Cloud focuses on providing management and design options to online businesses, allowing them to quickly launch customized, Web-based store fronts. It is designed to give control to the business user, and comes with tools for search and navigation, recommendations, promotions, reporting, payments, design templates and search engine optimization. 

The central idea is to put everything a business needs to launch its online storefront and manage merchandising, promotion, security, performance and customer experience. The Oracle Commerce Cloud uses responsive design and HTML5 interfaces to develop the customer experience for both computer and mobile visitors,

Oracle and Rimini Street get a September trial date

A September court date has been set for Oracle's lawsuit against enterprise software support services provider Rimini Street, Inc., though the specific day this will take place has not been released. Oracle is seeking $200 million in damages and disputing the legality of Rimini Street's entire business model. Rimini Street provides maintenance services for big customers of big companies, such as Oracle and SAP, and does so at a reduced rate from the companies' maintenance services.

Oracle alleges that Rimini Street used its customers' access codes to download Oracle software, which Oracle considers to be both fraud and copyright infringement. Last year, Rimini Street made a counterclaim against Oracle, calling Oracle's suit defamation. The court dismissed the counterclaim and ruled that Rimini Street had, in fact, stolen Oracle's intellectual property.

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