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Oracle adopts data leak prevention tool Ghostery

Oracle partners with Ghostery to track down data leaks and demos next-generation networking for the Catalyst project.

This week, the Oracle news is all about trying new things. Oracle just added Ghostery's application for finding data leaks to the Oracle Cloud. Meanwhile, in Nice, France, Oracle Communications is participating in an event at TM Forums Live! where its team is demoing a next-generation telecommunications project.

Oracle partners with Ghostery to help users track down their data leaks

On June 2, Oracle partnered with Ghostery to bring Ghostery's TrackerMap Live application to the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Ghostery is a global technology company specializing in increasing online transparency and control. TrackerMap Live uses colored circles and arrows to visualize the interactions between a website's publisher and analytics, along with ads, widgets, private sites and other elements of the Web. TrackerMap Live can be downloaded for free as an application from the Oracle Marketing Cloud. After download, there will be no further charges.

TrackerMap Live is especially interesting to Oracle because it can show Oracle users which analytics or ad-technology companies are gathering information on them, sharing their information or slowing down their page load times. TrackerMap also lets users check out the URLs of their competitors to see who they are working with.

Oracle Communications demos its next-gen network for the Catalyst project

This week in Nice, France, Oracle Communications is demoing next-generation network as a service as part of the TM Forum Live! event's Catalyst projects, which are fast moving proof-of-concept endeavors bringing companies together to find creative solutions to common problems. Oracle Communications is leading the project with InfoVista and Juniper Networks as participants. Oracle's entry is part of the event's network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) offerings. Oracle's Catalyst project is called "Zero Touch Network-as-a-Service: Agile, Assured and Orchestrated with NFV" and is inspired by the MEF's The Third Network. MEF is a telecommunications industry group that promotes adoption of Carrier Ethernet services. The team lead is Jennifer Faulkner, Director of B2B Concept-to-Cash solutions at Oracle Communications.

Oracle's Catalyst demo is implementing a simplified user experience for complex Ethernet Carrier services using zero-touch orchestration -- orchestration that doesn't require any manual intervention -- and with full integration into business and operations processes. The implementation works across a hybrid network containing both physical and virtualized NFV infrastructure, including customers' on-premise virtualized equipment. The live proof-of-concept is intended to provide an end-to-end methodology for enabling this sort of implementation. The hope is that Oracle's Catalyst project will help communication service providers convert from network-device-centric service models to cloud-driven service models by applying advances made in SDN and NFV.

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