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Oracle Marketing Cloud uses big data to help higher ed

Oracle releases Oracle Marketing Cloud products for colleges and data-as-a-service users, and a judge decides to keep the Oregon lawsuit in-state.

After demonstrating cloud growth in its third quarter financial report, Oracle has released several new cloud products with a big data focus, ranging from education to customer service and marketing. However, Oracle also faced a recent setback in its legal battle with the state of Oregon, as a judge ruled that one of the lawsuits will continue to take place in the state.

Cloud-based big data platform to help colleges get and keep students

At a user conference in Nashville, Tenn. last week, Oracle introduced a new, cloud-based platform for higher education institutions designed to use big data to help universities attract and retain students. The Oracle Marketing Cloud for Student Engagement packages together preexisting cloud services -- content marketing, social relationship management, customer relationship management and AppCloud services -- but targets them to the needs of universities.

The platform aggregates, sorts and analyzes information about current students, prospective students and alumni, pulling data from multiple databases. The product takes that data and uses pre-built models and customized campaign templates to segment and target groups of students and prospects with relevant messages at appropriate times. The campaign templates are based on industry best practices.

The University of New Brunswick in Canada has already begun testing the new platform. Jessica Stutt, marketing automation specialist at the university, said, "Since implementing Oracle Marketing Cloud, we've been able to convince more and more stakeholders that segmenting and targeting is much better than batch-and-blast. We're now seeing average open rates of 39 percent -- and we've only just begun."

Judge ruled the Cover Oregon lawsuit will be tried in state court

The legal battle between Oracle and the state of Oregon over the failed Cover Oregon program had another twist. Oracle and Oregon are involved in two lawsuits. Oracle is suing Oregon in federal court for copyright infringement and breach of contract. Meanwhile, Oregon is suing Oracle in state court for fraud. Oracle recently tried to get Oregon's lawsuit moved out of the state and into federal court. However, on March 10, U.S. District Judge Anna Brown rejected Oracle's attempt to change venues. The reason: The judge said that Oracle missed a deadline to file notice of its plans to move the case to federal court.

This is actually the second time Oracle has tried to move the lawsuit to federal court. The first time, the request was submitted on time, but rejected on procedural grounds.

New big data services for customer services and prospect marketing

Oracle launched Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing and Oracle Data as a Service for Customer Intelligence last week. Both of these services focus on using cloud technology and big data to help organizations bring their products to market more efficiently.

Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing is intended to provide information to help generate sales leads. It offers a list of 300 million profiles of business users and companies, which business-to-business companies can use to look for new customers and develop their understanding of their existing pool of customers. The list provides the types of employees at each company, the age of the company and its sales value, among other things. The list is accessible through the Oracle Data Management Platform, which is part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

The Oracle Data as a Service for Customer Intelligence pulls information from customer feedback. It draws its information from companies using its service as well as the public information from the 700 million messages Oracle receives through social networking each day. It analyzes messages in 20 different languages.

Oracle Data as a Service for Customer Intelligence is designed to give executives a better understanding of their customer base and what they think of the company's products and services. It is also meant to provide early warning on emerging trends or growing customer concerns.

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