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Panetta joins Oracle board of directors; OAUG names new president

Leon Panetta is joining Oracle's board of directors, the OAUG user group has a new leader, and the Supreme Court is seeking a White House opinion in the Oracle vs. Google case.

Here's a brief look at recent Oracle-related developments, including news about former CIA Director Leon Panetta joining the Oracle board of directors. The Panetta announcement puts a political heavyweight with many Washington, D.C., connections into an influential position at Oracle.

Leon Panetta takes a seat on the Oracle board

On Jan. 19, Oracle's board of directors named Leon Panetta as its newest member. Panetta is a former secretary of defense under President Barack Obama, retiring in 2013, and also former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. His career also includes spending nine terms as the U.S. congressman for California's 16th District and serving as chief of staff under President Clinton. As well as sitting on the Oracle board, Panetta is now the chair of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy at California State College Monterey Bay.

Oracle's board members serve for one year and then come up for re-election at the company's next annual shareholder meeting, which in this case is in November.

OAUG appoints Melissa English as its 2015 president

On Jan. 14, the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) announced Melissa English as its president for 2015. English has been a member of the OAUG for 17 years, joining in 1998, and a director since 2012. She has also served on a variety of committees within the organization.

Outside of the OAUG, English is the global change management lead at Alticor, the Ada, Mich.-based parent company of Amway. At Alticor, she is in charge of global change management, communications and training for the Oracle E-Business Suite implementation used worldwide by Alticor employees. She has over 20 years' experience with Oracle E-Business Suite.

English's goal as president of the OAUG is to help members connect globally for education, networking and communication.

Supreme Court calls on Obama administration in Oracle-Google case

The Supreme Court has called on the Obama administration for its opinion of a prior federal appeals court decision in the Oracle vs. Google case. The case centers on whether Google's use of Java application programming interface (API) elements in Android violates Oracle's copyright. The appeals court ruled that Oracle's APIs are protected by copyright.

The Supreme Court asked the U.S. solicitor general to submit a brief on the case. This is standard procedure when the Supreme Court wants the federal government's opinion on a legal matter. If the Supreme Court chooses to see the Oracle vs. Google case, it would be the final word on whether federal copyright protections apply to APIs.

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