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Oregon cuts ties to Oracle, Cover Oregon website project

Oregon has halted all work on its Cover Oregon health website, for which Oracle was the main contractor. Also, Oracle accuses tech support vendor Rimini Street of continuing to infringe its copyrights.

In Oracle news, two contentious court cases involving the technology vendor have reared their heads again.

The State of Oregon has walked away from any attempt to resurrect its planned health insurance enrollment website Cover Oregon, a failed project that prompted the state and Oracle to sue one another. And Oracle has reignited its legal conflict with Rimini Street Inc. with new claims that the third-party tech support vendor hasn't really changed its copyright-infringing practices since a ruling on them was handed down by a federal judge in August. Meanwhile, the Oracle Cloud Marketplace is branching out to include systems integrators offering consulting and implementation services.

Oregon pulls the plug on Oracle and Cover Oregon

After the failure to launch Oregon's prospective new health exchange site, Cover Oregon, for which Oracle was the primary technology contractor, lawsuits went both ways between the state and the company in August. Now the Oregon state government is completely cutting its ties to the Cover Oregon project and Oracle's technology.

The state said its decision to halt efforts to resuscitate part of the initiative came after Oracle refused to cooperate in moving servers from its facilities to Oregon. But Oracle claimed that the disagreement stems from Oregon's plans to eliminate the pre-production environment from the servers, a move that the company said went against best practices and could put the data of state citizens at risk. Without a pre-production environment, Oracle said, there is no separate space for testing applications prior to implementation.

A joint hearing on the status of the two lawsuits is scheduled to take place in federal court in Portland, Ore., later this month. On Oct. 21, Oracle sent a letter signed by CEO Safra Catz to the leaders of the Oregon legislature, asking them to pull funding for the lawsuit.

Oracle claims Rimini Street still infringing copyrights

After a February ruling by U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks that support services vendor Rimini Street violated copyrights on Oracle's PeopleSoft software, Rimini Street now claims that it has completely changed its support processes. The work to change the procedures was completed July 31, Rimini Street said. But Oracle is skeptical that any real changes have been made. Last month, it filed a legal claim stating that it found Rimini Street's new practices to be "suspect."

Oracle said that given six to 12 months of additional discovery time, it could provide evidence that Rimini Street's new support processes are just the same old ones with a fresh coat of paint. In response, Judge Hicks said that no additional information was needed about the revised support processes. However, an Oracle attorney stated that the company may sue Rimini Street for post-July 31 copyright infringement. In turn, Rimini Street wants a declaratory judgment from Hicks that it hasn't violated Oracle's copyrights since the end of July.

Integrators to sell services on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

On Oct. 28, Oracle announced that the Oracle Cloud Marketplace it launched last year is extending its offerings beyond business applications to include systems integrators that provide consulting and implementation services. The online marketplace now has more than 100 integrators on board, including Capgemini, Deloitte and Infosys. Oracle intends for the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to help customers find and evaluate systems integration services that work beneficially with its software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service offerings.

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