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Oracle acquires media manager Front Porch Digital

Oracle acquired media management and storage company Front Porch Digital, while Oregon prepares for its legal battle with Oracle and sets its budget at $2 million.

Over the past couple of days, Oracle has continued with its acquisition policy. This time it acquired a digital content management company -- Front Porch Digital. While Oracle is spending on its acquisitions, the state of Oregon is setting aside money for a legal battle with Oracle over the failure of Cover Oregon. The state is hoping to put $2 million into legal fees and get $240 million back in damages.

Oracle buys Front Porch Digital

Oracle signed an agreement on Sept. 14 to acquire Front Porch Digital. Front Porch Digital sells software to manage and migrate media content. Its software is designed to work on-site and in the cloud. Front Porch Digital's big data technology is designed to handle expanding volumes of digital media, from high-definition television to medical imaging.

Over 550 organizations use Front Porch Digital, including the BBC, the U.S. Library of Congress, A&E Television, Discovery Communications and NASCAR. Oracle wants to use Front Porch Digital to manage migration, integration, storage and delivery of media content, as that content becomes more complex and difficult to work with.

Oregon allocates $2 million for legal battle with Oracle

Oracle is in the midst of a protracted legal battle with the state of Oregon over the failure to launch a project where Oracle had been the largest contractor. The project was a health insurance enrollment website called Cover Oregon, and its failure left the state needing to hire extra help to file paperwork by hand. Oracle sued Oregon first and Oregon responded with a countersuit. On Sept. 14, the state allocated a budget of $2 million for its legal fight.

The Portland-based litigation firm Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Melhaf PC will be representing the state of Oregon. According to Kristina Edmunson, spokeswoman for the Oregon Department of Justice, the department often hires specialized legal firms for bigger and more complicated projects because it has only six attorneys and one paralegal in its own special litigation unit.

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