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Oracle’s Student Cloud delves further into higher-education software

Oracle’s Student Cloud and other announcements signal an even greater push into the higher-education software market.

Oracle is announcing new cloud-based software for its higher-education customers, a move that could be seen largely as a response to Workday's higher-education software push that it announced last fall, according to various sources and internal documents.

The announcement, to be made at the Higher Education User Group Alliance 2014 conference in Las Vegas this week, includes a new version of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions as well as a new product called Student Cloud and higher-ed functions in its Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud and ERP Cloud.

In September, Workday announced Workday Student – cloud-based software aimed at the higher-ed software market where Oracle and other specialty players such as Pearson dominate. Actual components of Workday Student are not scheduled to be ready until the end of this year, with a complete suite not available until 2016. Liz Dietz will head up the project. She is a Workday VP of strategy and product management and was a founding partner of Campus Solutions, which was acquired by PeopleSoft and then Oracle.

Since Workday's announcement, leadership at Oracle has pushed staffers to develop new software geared toward higher education to head off competition from Workday. The result is Campus Solutions 9.2, Oracle Student Cloud and higher-ed functionality in Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud. All fall under the umbrella of a product called the Oracle Higher Education Cloud, various features of which will be available this year and into 2015.

Oracle Student Cloud is a product built on top of Fusion Applications that focuses on continuing education, an area where colleges and universities are making much of their profit. It will be based on Fusion's user interface, which is one of Fusion Applications' most touted features, and includes other functionality concerning student enrollment and payment. Its first phase is scheduled to roll out in 2015.

The higher-education features in Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud are scheduled to be available later in 2014 and into 2015. The features will include support for collective bargaining agreements and managing grants, and will integrate with Oracle Student Cloud.

Finally, Campus Solutions 9.2 will provide increased features over Campus Solutions 9.0 surrounding self-service capabilities for students and managing college applications for colleges and universities. According to an internal Oracle document obtained by, Campus Solutions 9.2 will likely be available at the end of 2015, with Premier Support for Campus Solutions 9.0 ending in December 2016 and Extended Support ending three years after that.

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