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Oracle buys cloud marketing company BlueKai, and other news

Oracle has acquired cloud marketing company BlueKai; plus other news on JD Edwards upgrades, Oracle Cloud and wearable technology.

Oracle buys cloud marketing company

Oracle signed an agreement to acquire BlueKai, a leading cloud marketing company, on Feb. 24. The BlueKai Data Management Platform helps companies personalize offline and cloud marketing campaigns, as well as mobile campaigns, by providing actionable information about the target of the marketing campaign. A rumor coming from Business Insider suggested the price for BlueKai was $400 million, though Oracle has released no such details.

BlueKai has been working on finding a way for marketers to identify if they are dealing with the same person visiting their website via a computer and via a smartphone, a distinction that could help marketing campaigns develop a clearer picture of their target audience.  Cloud marketing technology has become a hot topic, and Blue Kai is just the most recent of the growing number of marketing technology companies acquired by Oracle.

Oracle hopes to end the hassle of ERP upgrades with a new update schedule for JD Edwards

ERP software has always been a hassle to upgrade. Oracle is hoping to make it easier to upgrade its JD Edwards ERP software by altering its product release schedule.  They are in the process of moving JD Edwards to a more agile product release cycle that focuses on a steady stream of small product enhancements in place of the current system, which emphasizes periodic large-scale changes.

This change was originally announced by Lyle Ekdahl, group vice president of JD Edwards at Oracle, at his keynote speech during the JD Edwards Partners Summit in January. The change in the development cycle will affect both JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services brings cloud simplicity to corporate planning

Oracle announced the general availability of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services on Feb. 18. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services is part of the Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud Portfolio, and builds on the functionality of Oracle Hyperion Planning. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services integrates with Microsoft Office and can perform reporting, planning and analysis, both through Microsoft Excel and its own Web interface.

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services also scales based on user demand and has built-in runtime diagnostics for optimization. The focus is on quick setup, easy adoption, and simplified administration and maintenance. Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services is designed to be easy to use from the start, as well as to provide cloud services to companies of all sizes.

Oracle debuts wearable technology for Oracle HCM at Oracle HCM World

Oracle demonstrated its interest in wearable computing at Oracle HCM World from February 4-6. It provided a free FitBit device to attendees that could track the amount of exercise they were getting from walking. Information from the wearable device could be transferred from the device to the cloud, and then accessed from Oracle's integrated HCM. This could help increase employees' awareness of how much exercise their daily schedule gives them, and could encourage physical fitness.

Of course, wearable computing is capable of considerably more, but the test at Oracle HCM World proved that wearable computing can integrate with Oracle's HCM technology.

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