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Oracle on Azure availability, deal with Pluribus, Oracle 12c on SAP Fast Track

Oracle on Azure will be generally available on March 12; Oracle is partnering with Pluribus Networks; SAP set to certify Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle on Azure general availability in March

Oracle's database has been available in preview mode on Microsoft Azure since September, but on March 12 it will become generally available. This means customers should be able to run Oracle on Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure.  Oracle said they will also provide license mobility for customers who want to run Oracle software on Windows Azure.

Oracle and Microsoft said they will provide end-to-end support for Oracle software on Windows Azure, and customers will be able to expect Oracle's full support for Oracle on Azure. However, starting on March 15, customers will have to start paying Oracle and Microsoft for licenses on Azure.

Oracle teams up with Pluribus to take a bite out of Cisco

Oracle signed a technology access and development deal with Pluribus Networks, the creator of Freedom Architecture, which claims to integrate compute, network, storage and hypervisor technologies.

Oracle said that, because of this deal, customers will be able to manage Oracle Solaris 11 nodes using OpenStack Nova.  They also claimed customers will be able to handle Pluribus Network switches using the OpenStack Neutron plug-in.  Customers should also be able to manage Oracle Solaris-based ZS3 Series storage system via the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Cinder Driver.

Oracle Solaris 11 was just certified for the Freedom series server switch from Pluribus Networks.  This combined switch has greater analytical capabilities and claims to be more open than what Cisco provides. The Pluribus Networks switch is designed to compete with Cisco, Juniper and Arista.

Oracle 12c Database to be certified by SAP faster than usual

Oracle's 12c database became generally available last June. Traditionally, SAP will not certify an Oracle database until after its first maintenance release, in this case Oracle 12.2, which has not yet been scheduled. However, this time, according to Oracle's January development update, SAP plans to certify the initial release of Oracle 12c.

SAP will not support Oracle, but they claim to be ready to certify Oracle This will make it easier for companies that run Oracle's databases under SAP, giving them quicker access to the new database.

Unprecedented appearance of both Ellison and Hurd at HCM World 2014

With the exception of Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Oracle President Mark Hurd have never been on the same program for a convention.  The HCM World conference last week in Las Vegas broke this trend.

Mark Hurd gave the opening address at HCM World and Larry Ellison gave the closing remarks. Hurd discussed the topic of big data and Ellison explained that he no longer sees companies like SAP as the main competitors for Oracle, and now sees companies like Amazon as the bigger threat. Why? According to Ellison, Oracle has become a cloud company like Amazon, while SAP has not.

Ellison and Hurd said their dual presentation at HCM World means Oracle is deeply dedicating itself to HCM.

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