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Oracle News Today: Database 12c, DBaaS, EBS

Oracle News Today includes info on Database 12c being offered on more OSes, Oracle Database by the hour, and an EBS cloud provider.

Oracle Database 12c available for more operating systems

When Oracle first released Database 12c last year, the product was only made available on Windows, Linux and Solaris. Now Big Red has built downloadable versions for other operating systems, particularly other flavors of Unix.

Oracle Database 12c can now be downloaded for Windows x64, Linux x86-64, Oracle Solaris for Sparc and x86 systems, HP-UX Itanium, IBM AIX and zLinux. That means Database 12c is available on all the same operating systems as Oracle Database 11g R2. The one minor difference is that 12c isn't available on PA-RISC, Hewlett-Packard's (HP) legacy chip architecture that preceded Itanium.

There has been a lot of talk about 12c but not much adoption as of yet. The most-touted feature has been Multitenant, which allows multiple so-called pluggable databases to be connected to a single container database that can perform functions such as patch upgrades for all the pluggables within it.

Oracle Database by the hour, from Verizon

In case you missed it, sister site SearchCloudComputing had a scoop earlier this week, reporting that Verizon will start offering Oracle Database as an hourly service in the first quarter of this year.

The service will be for Oracle Database 11g and 12c, as well as Fusion Middleware and Enterprise Manager. Oracle's own Database as a Service requires a month-to-month contract.

One source that spoke with SearchOracle said other providers have considered offering Oracle Database as a Service, but there is speculation about which company would benefit the most. The cloud provider gets the bill for all the capital expenditures, but depending on the partnership, Oracle may get the lion's share of the revenue through licensing. The main benefit of the partnership for the cloud provider is to become a bigger cloud player by offering Oracle services.

Core Services Corp. signs new Oracle ERP hosting customer

Core Services Corp., an Oracle Platinum Partner, has announced an agreement with the YMCA of Greater New York to host its E-Business Suite (EBS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) application environment.

Core Services is a Somerset, N.J.-based company that provides cloud and hosting services for companies running Oracle applications. It was founded in 1990.

John Atwater, senior technology director at the YMCA of Greater New York, said in a press release that Core Services will provide the systems and management of the YMCA's instances of Oracle EBS. He added that Core Services' expansion of its consulting services has improved its ability to manage EBS for the YMCA.

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