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Hyperion Enterprise Planning release date and features

Hyperion Enterprise Planning is scheduled to be released early next year. Here are some of the features.

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Planning is scheduled for release between April and June, according to officials at Oracle OpenWorld this month. The new release will be optimized for Oracle Exalytics, the company’s business intelligence appliance, although the software will be available separately on other platforms as well. The question is how much of an upgrade the new version will be.

Enterprise Planning will come in two flavors, one tied to Exalytics and the other just the software alone. Oracle says customers can expect a fivefold increase in performance using Enterprise Planning on Exalytics as opposed to software only. However, it is unclear how much of an improvement the software alone will provide over the current release of Essbase & Planning.

Hyperion Enterprise Planning project module

During OpenWorld, Oracle highlighted specific customers and the relative performance improvements they saw as part of the testing of Exalytics. But in addition to the Exalytics integration, Enterprise Planning will include other key additions and updates.

A Project Planning module will be part of the new version. It will be similar in approach to Workforce and CapEx planning and will include features such as:

  • Set targets for projects – e.g., plan, propose, fund, approve, initiate
  • Manage performance of on-going projects – e.g., iterative forecasts and what-if scenarios
  • Indicate type of projects – e.g., contract, capital, indirect projects

Project Planning in will also include import/export for ERP and MS Project.

Hyperion Enterprise Planning user interface upgrades

This next release will also incorporate Web 2.0 functions, giving us some handy user interface upgrades. Take a look:

  • Composite forms can now include charts on the form and analysis at time/point of entry.
  • A grid can be reused in the same composite with one being an ad hoc grid and the other being shown as a chart.
  • Master/detail will be available in composite forms.

With increased interest in rolling forecasts, there is the ability to define start and end periods for a forecast scenario. Enterprise Planning will then create the substitution variables on the fly to support dynamic input periods in the forms.

Other new features include:

  • Wildcard search in smartlists
  • Cell audit to see who changed values
  • Attachment capability – multiple cell notes (tracked by user name) and other attachments
  • Dimensions management now more Explorer-like and you can select which attributes you want to display

Looking beyond, Oracle is talking about adding some other interesting new features and updates such as user-based custom dimensions, industry-based vertical applications, and horizontal applications such as tax and revenue. All told, Hyperion users have lot to look forward to in the release.

Juan Porter is the president of TopDown Consulting. Eldred Smikle is the technical services manager. The two have more than 30 combined years of experience working with Oracle Hyperion. Follow them on Twitter @TopDownInc

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