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IOUG President talks Exadata, middleware

IOUG President Andrew Flowers spoke about the topics that are top-of-mind for members of the Independent Oracle Users Group, including Exadata, virtualization and middleware.

SAN FRANCISCO - The Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) had a big presence at Oracle OpenWorld last week, sponsoring dozens of sessions on topics like Oracle Database, MySQL, Exadata, and virtualization. On Tuesday IOUG President Andrew Flower talked about some of those trends.

On Exadata: We’ve been focusing on deploying a year-round Exadata program for our members. Unless you are an Exadata customer or prospect, there isn’t much information to be had from Oracle. But there is a growing interest from our members to learn. We think Exadata is going to see a lot of growth. Some traditional DBA skills apply, but there are new skills as well – storage management and to some degree system administrator skills.

On virtualization: We just launched a SIG [special interest group] for virtualization this week in IOUG. Production database environments are still where you’re going to see more dedicated hardware without virtualization, but increasingly virtualization has become ubiquitous.

On Fusion Middleware: It all of the sudden seems to be important to our members. Oracle is now selling stuff built with Fusion Middleware, such as Enterprise Manager and Fusion Applications. So now they’re starting to understand how Fusion Middleware puts everything together.

On cloud computing: I see people doing a lot around private clouds. But I haven’t experienced people taking their production databases into the cloud. I do think there’s enough interest where in certain situations such as test/dev it is considered a real option. From that standpoint it is now realized as a real option for certain problems.

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