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Is Oracle pushing customers to adopt Oracle hardware?

In a recent survey of 450 IT pros, 95% of which were Oracle customers, almost four-fifths felt that Oracle's announcement to drop development support of Intel Itanium was a first step in pushing customers toward Oracle hardware.

Gabriel Consulting Group survey on Oracle and Itanium

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Customers overwhelmingly see Oracle dropping Itanium as a first attempt to use their power in enterprise software to drive Oracle hardware sales. It's interesting to note that the largest number of respondents "Strongly Agree" with this statement, while only 10% disagree.

The qualitative responses show that customers are basing their opinions on Oracle's recent statements and actions - and on the relationship between Oracle and their own organizations.


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Great survey. Good to see that customers see through Oracle tactics and take it for what they are an attempt to leverage their database install base to force SUN hardware. Oracle is playing a game of chicken and I think this time around it will loose. With IBM DB2 providing Oracle compatibility, switching the DBMS and keeping the HP Itanium hardware has become a lot easier.

Leon Katsnelson