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Top Oracle stories in 2010

The most popular Oracle stories in 2010 on were around the Sun acquisition, server hardware such as Exadata, and others about RAC support and landing your dream DBA job.

It was a busy 2010 for Oracle and Stories such as the Sun acquisition, server hardware such as Exadata and Exalogic, and lawsuits with Google, HP and SAP kept us all busy. So here are the top Oracle stories of 2010 on, ranked strictly by the number of people who read them:

How to land your dream Oracle DBA job

Despite the recession, companies are willing to pay top dollar for qualified Oracle professionals. Don Burleson offers guidance on nabbing the dream Oracle DBA job.

Understanding Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) best practices

In this Oracle RAC guide, we outline the benefits of Oracle Real Application Clusters, as well as the common mistakes users make in using it.

New Oracle Database 11g book offers underground tips

April Sims, a DBA at Southern Utah University and an Oracle Certified Professional, talks about her new book, “Oracle Database 11g Underground Advice for Database Administrators.”

Special report: Oracle grid computing and cloud computing

Learn about the difference between grid and cloud computing, the cloud and grid products that Oracle offers and users’ future plans for adoption.

Oracle Sun layoffs to reach thousands as Oracle slashes more jobs

In a government regulatory filing, Oracle announced that it would spend up to $650 million more for severance packages for additional Sun employees it plans to lay off.

Special report: Third-party tools for Oracle

Learn about the options for third-party tools for Oracle databases and why Oracle third-party tools are growing in popularity.

Oracle Exadata Version 2 interest booms a year after release

While the first version of Oracle Exadata generated only a handful of customers, Version 2 has lured customers into spending millions to buy it. But what’s so special about it?

Oracle Sun server hardware sales nosedive

Oracle Sun server hardware sales dive-bombed in the first quarter of this year. Meanwhile, all other server hardware vendors saw growth.

Oracle RAC on VMware gets no support from Oracle

Earlier this year, Oracle wouldn’t support Oracle RAC on VMware at all, largely for political and outdated technical reasons, according to end users, consultants and vendors. That changed in November when Oracle announced a policy change, saying it will now support RAC on VMware

Special report: Oracle Openworld 2010

This special report is your guide to Oracle OpenWorld 2010, the biggest annual conference for users of Oracle database and applications technology worldwide.

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