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Oracle slaps 11g on its data integration systems software

Oracle has upgraded its GoldenGate and Data Integrator data integration systems software with an eye to accommodating more heterogeneous data.

With its new versions of Oracle Data Integrator and GoldenGate, the software giant is aiming to boost its heterogeneous real-time data integration systems software within Oracle Fusion Middleware, something it hasn’t done much in the past.

It has been about a year since Oracle acquired GoldenGate, a software company specializing in real-time data integration systems across heterogeneous environments. Similarly, Oracle acquired Sunopsis in 2006 and morphed it into Oracle Data Integrator. Now it has released the 11g versions of both products, which includes integration with IBM DB2, SAP and other non-Oracle products.

“The data center is increasingly heterogeneous, and that’s not going to change anytime soon,” said Merv Adrian, a consultant for IT Market Strategy. “Whether it’s application-specific or database-specific or what, they are trying to make Oracle the place to go to manage everything. If I’m Oracle and I’m trying to sell you my [business intelligence] suite, I want to be able to get data no matter where it’s coming from.”

Miranda Nash, vice president of product management at Oracle, pretty much acknowledged that Oracle has built up its heterogeneous data integration systems portfolio via purchases rather than development.

“We’ve been making acquisitions in this area for improved integration with Oracle and non-Oracle databases and applications,” Nash said.

Real-time data integration appeals largely to industries such as financial services, telecommunications and retail, she said. As an example, an e-commerce site might need to react quickly based on orders it’s receiving, which could include changing search advertising and changing promotions to drive more business.

Features of Oracle GoldenGate 11g include:

  • Integration with Exadata, TimesTen, E-Business Suite and other Oracle applications
  • Integration with IBM DB2
  • Better recovery of open transactions during an application outage by committing them to disk for easier reloading

Features of Oracle Data Integrator 11g include:

  • Integration with Oracle Essbase and SAP applications
  • Support for multiple languages

Adrian said that Oracle is also working to help its customers migrate from earlier versions of Siebel to newer versions without any data interruption. He said you can run old and new versions at the same time, and GoldenGate can manage both at the same time during the migration.

“Oracle is laying the groundwork for making the migration process as smooth as possible,” he said, “so that users can manage new data coming into the old apps while the new app is still being built.”

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