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The Top 10 Eye on Oracle blog posts of 2009

Read’s picks for the Top 10 Eye on Oracle blog posts of 2009, including news and analysis on the Oracle-Sun deal, Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle 11g R2, Oracle’s cloud computing strategy and more.


This year was an eventful one for Oracle, especially with the software giant  announcing its planned takeover of Sun Microsystems and the resulting opposition from European regulators.’s Eye on Oracle blog has closely followed this and other Oracle-related news this year, including the release of Oracle 11g R2, Oracle’s cloud computing strategy and the controversy surrounding Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates. Here’s a look back at our picks for the Top 10 Eye on Oracle blog posts of 2009.

  Top 10 Eye on Oracle blog posts of 2009  

10) Toad for Oracle 10 leapfrogs Oracle SQL Developer: The last time we asked you to cast your vote for either Toad, SQL Developer or PL/SQL Developer, a clear winner did not emerge: some liked Toad because of its speed, some preferred SQL Developer because of its price, and still others didn’t see much difference among the three. But with Toad for Oracle 10, some may now have many new reasons to choose Toad.

9) Will Oracle be the good shepherd for open source? With its proposed acquisition of Sun, Oracle -- like it or not, sports fans -- could be one of the stewards of the open source community. It is now Oracle’s opportunity to take open source technologies up to the next level of acceptance in corporate America — or not!

8) Oracle’s cloud confusing strategy: It’s difficult to understand what exactly Larry Ellison’s problem is with using the phrase cloud computing. But when it comes to making money from users’ needing solutions involving cloud computing concepts and products, Mr. Ellison has no problem with that particular word.

7) Are Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates really that critical? Just how massive — and critical — are Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates, really? It’s a question that’s been asked before but certainly deserves to be asked again, especially as Oracle continues to grow, acquire more companies and products and, in turn, find more security vulnerabilities.

6) Oracle’s enterprise iPod: In its description of the shiny new Fusion Middleware 11g -- the most important middleware announcement of the last few years -- Oracle gave IT professionals something of a preview of how it will approach enterprise computing.

5) Larry’s a Hardware Man Now: After weeks of speculation about whether Oracle would keep or sell off Sun’s hardware business, we have the answer (well, the answer for now). Larry Ellison has made it clear he intends to keep not just Sun’s chip and server products but its disk storage and tape backup businesses too.

4) The best 11 things about Oracle database 11g R2: In a packed Oracle OpenWorld session room, Oracle Architect Tom Kyte spoke to the crowd about 11 features he thinks are important in Oracle 11g R2. He joked that while they weren’t being presented in any order, he did “save the best one for last.”

3) The EU fiddles while Sun burns: The European Union’s plans to dig deeper into the Oracle-Sun deal had little to do with being a watchdog ensuring fair competition and more to do with being an attack dog.

2) Oracle Takes the My out of My Oracle Support: The topic of support has often been a sore subject for Oracle customers, and now customers are calling Oracle’s new user support portal a fiasco. How has Oracle responded to the complaints?

1) Living in a three company IT world: Before the Sun acquisition was announced, we examined the brash prediction that Oracle chairman and CEO Larry Ellison made several years ago -- that eventually there would be only two or three major IT vendors left standing, Oracle being one of them.

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