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Oracle extends Real Application Testing to 10g, 9i

Oracle is now offering its database testing package on earlier releases.

Oracle is this week extending its Real Application Testing to support not just the new 11g database but all releases of database 10g and Oracle 9i Release 2.

"The challenge every IT organization has -- be it upgrading an operating system, a database, moving from single server to clustered or from non-partitioned to partitioned -- is how do you rigorously test those changes you made," said Willie Hardie, vice president of database product marketing for Oracle.

Oracle's Real Application Testing allows customers to test and validate changes to their systems by recording the workload from a production system and to replay it with all of its original characteristics such as timing, concurrency and transaction dependencies in a testing environment.

Oracle originally offered Real Application Testing as part of the database 11g release. It has been backported owing to customer demand and should help spur customers to upgrade to 11g, Hardie said.

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"You don't have to ask hundreds or perhaps thousands of users to come off production systems for a few hours," he said. "It was all about giving our customers a set of tools to test those changes much quicker than they ever could have previously."

Much of the savings will come in the form of an easier workload for IT, but Real Application Testing will also give companies confidence that their production systems will work when they go through an upgrade.

It will have to. Offered as an option to Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, Oracle Real Application Testing is priced at $11,500 per processor or $230 per named user.

With 230,000 database customers, many of which run multiple versions of the Oracle database, the release provides an opportunity for just about any Oracle customer, Hardie said.

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