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The five biggest Oracle headlines of 2007

A look at the Oracle news stories that sent shockwaves through the IT industry in 2007.

The headline-generating machine known as Oracle Corp. didn't miss a step in 2007.

But amid the flood of daily Oracle press releases about products and minor acquisitions, five news stories stood out and made serious waves within the IT industry.

Those five stories, which among other things included a major Oracle business intelligence (BI) acquisition, the release of Oracle Database 11g, and a high-profile Oracle lawsuit against SAP, are sure to continue making news throughout 2008. Here's a rundown of those stories:

1. Oracle sues SAP

Oracle vs. SAP lawsuit: Five questions answered: Get answers to some common questions about Oracle's lawsuit against SAP and its TomorrowNow third-party support division.

it would acquire Hyperion Corp., a BI vendor that specializes in corporate performance management, in a deal worth $3.3 billion.

Oracle, which has been on an acquisition spree over the last several years, buying up more than 30 companies since 2005, immediately told the world that the Hyperion buy meant that Oracle was now the leader in BI software.

"This extends our business intelligence strategy of a year ago, when we launched Oracle business intelligence. That's been one of our highest-growth product lines," Oracle president Charles Phillips said at the time. "We now have the most comprehensive BI product line."

More on Oracle-Hyperion:

Oracle Database 11g, was released last summer after years of anticipation on the part of Oracle users.

The new release, which includes hundreds of new features and enhancements, left some experts wondering whether Oracle should revise its patching policies to help users better manage all of the newly added functionality. Oracle had come under fire in recent years for sitting on patches for longer than some would like.

"I know that Oracle has to spend an inordinate amount of time testing each patch or each bug fix before they release it in a patch," Brian Peasland, an independent Oracle consultant, said at the time. "But it seems that some of these bugs have been known for two years or even longer before they get patched, and that's just quite disturbing, actually."

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4. BEA rejects Oracle takeover bid

Oracle tried to buy

More on Oracle's bid for BEA:

BEA rejects Oracle bid: BEA has rejected Oracle's $6.66 billion takeover bid.

5. Ellison unveils first Oracle Fusion apps

For years now, Oracle has been touting its Oracle Fusion plan, which will combine "the best" spoils of its many acquisitions onto a brand-new, service-enabled platform. And at Oracle's OpenWorld event last October, Oracle founder Larry Ellison finally gave users a look at what

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