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Most clicked stories of 2007

We've gathered our most popular learning guides, original news stories, tips, blog posts and expert responses of the year in these top-five lists.

Now that 2007 is drawing to a close, it's time to look back at our most popular content of the year. From learning guides to tips, news features to blog posts, here is the content that drew the most of you, our readers, to our site. We hope you enjoy these just as much the second time around!

Top five news features

1. Is Oracle technology too darn expensive? This year, many IT professionals said they would consider an alternative to Oracle because of the high cost of running Oracle database or business applications technology.
2. Oracle SQL Developer gets an update Last January, Oracle unveiled a new version of its free SQL Developer tool and also the SQL Developer Exchange site.
3. Author Mike Ault sizes up the new Oracle Database 11g This exclusive podcast interview features Mike Ault, a popular speaker at all the major Oracle conferences, discussing Oracle Database 11g's new SQL replay and memory management capabilities and much more.
4. Oracle shows off Database 11g Last July, after a nine-month beta-testing period, Oracle unveiled its Database 11g, the long-awaited overhaul of Oracle's flagship database management system.
5. Oracle SQL Developer vs. Toad: Users speak out, part two Oracle developers had differing opinions on the best PL/SQL editing and debugging tools.

Top five expert responses

1. SQL FAQ: Common SQL questions Expert Rudy Limeback answers readers' common SQL questions, in the categories of novice questions, homework questions and serious SQL questions.
2. What is ORA-06512? How can I rectify it? Oracle expert Karen Morton explains what is meant by a 06512 error.
3. Difference between subquery and join Rudy Limeback answers the question, "When comparing subqueries and joins, which one is faster?"
4. FIRST N rows, TOP N rows, LAST N rows, BOTTOM N rows... Rudy Limeback explains how to find specific rows in a table but highlights an often misunderstood conception about relational tables.
5. How to avoid the ORA-04030 error? Expert Brian Peasland explains how to avoid the ORA-04030 error, meaning that the Oracle process has requested memory from the operating system but the OS does not have any memory to give.

Top five tips

1. Acing the DBA job interview: Getting back to basics Read this article to learn what hiring managers look for in a DBA candidate, such as having an accurate and readable resume and taking time to conduct a follow-up.
2. DBA 102: Beyond the basics This article highlights the technical (hard) and non-technical (soft) skills you will need to survive as a DBA, and how to deal with management and ensure job security.
3. Fast guide to finding and keeping an Oracle job Whether you're a seasoned veteran or looking for your first Oracle job, this guide will help you stand out from the hundreds of other job seekers.
4. How do I do that in Oracle? This series is a collection of tips that explain in detail how to perform specific tasks in Oracle related to database administration.
5. The power of Oracle certification Oracle expert Michael Hillenbrand discuss the certification process and examines some of the arguments for and against certifications.

Top blog posts:

1. "Database administration is for suckers"?
2. Is Oracle supportive?
3. Does anybody really like SQL?
4. Oracle ACE program "almost completely worthless"
5. Thirty years of Oracle innovation — but is it really a RDBMS?

Top 5 learning guides

1. Fast Guide: Solving common Oracle errors Check out our helpful list of every expert response pertaining to Oracle errors on
2. Exporting Oracle data In this compliation of questions and answers,'s resident Oracle experts Eli Leiba, Karen Morton and Brian Peasland explain how exporting Oracle data is done, with step-by-step instructions and example scripts.
3. Fast Guide: PL/SQL Helpful for both newbies and veterans, this fast guide links you to PL/SQL tips, expert responses and resources on and from around the Web.
4. Crash Course: Oracle basics This crash course will help you research Oracle technologies or get started with your own Oracle DBMS, bring you up to speed on Oracle DBMS basics for versions 8.x through 9.x, and provide you with an overview of Oracle10g's new tools and features.
5. Importing into Oracle In this Ask the Experts compilation, learn how to load text files without SQL*Loader, import a dump multiple times and import from different versions.

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