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Data integration challenges and solutions revealed

Forrester's Noel Yuhanna sizes up Oracle and SQL Server interoperability features and sheds light on data virtualization, a new way to solve the data integration problem.

Data virtualization goes by many names: Information as a Service, Data as a Service and data services to name a few. But whatever you call it, says Noel Yuhanna, a principal analyst with Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc., data virtualization is emerging as a key approach to solving the data integration problems that increasingly plague today's enterprises.

In this podcast, Yuhanna explains why data virtualization -- which decouples data from applications -- is becoming more important as companies seek to cope with ever-growing stores of information. Yuhanna also discusses what major software vendors like Oracle, Microsoft IBM and others are doing to help customers implement data virtualization strategies, while offering some data virtualization implementation tips of his own.

  Podcast: Data integration challenges  

  • Download the podcast here: During the podcast, Yuhanna also sheds light on Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server interoperability features.

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