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Lessons Learned Quiz #3: Oracle jobs and certification

Now that you're read "Lessons Learned: Oracle jobs and certification," take this quick quiz to test your career knowledge.

Now that you've completed another segment of our Lessons Learned series, take this quick quiz to test your knowledge. The link after each multiple-choice question will take you to the correct answer in Lessons Learned. Good luck!

Question #1

Which of the following is not a key role of the DBA?

a. Database backup and recovery
b. SQL optimization
c. Backend development
d. Software installation and configuration

>> Check your answer.

Question #2

Which of the following is not an appropriate major for a student pursuing a DBA career?

a. Information Technology
b. Engineering
c. Computer Science
d. Information Sciences

>> Check your answer.

Question #3

What Oracle version should I get certified for?

a. Oracle 7
b. Oracle 8i
c. Oracle 9i
d. Oracle 10g or later

>> Check your answer.

Question #4

How can I make myself more marketable?

a. Obtain Oracle certification
b. Get certified in other DBMS systems
c. Publish white papers
d. All of the above

>> Check your answer.

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