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Oracle and Acxiom strike master data management software deal

Oracle and Acxiom Corp. are teaming up to offer pre-packaged master data management software.

Oracle is partnering with consumer and information management applications maker Acxiom Corp. to offer pre-packaged Oracle's MDM software, which lets users create a customer data hub that consolidates information from disparate systems into a central repository.

Based in Little Rock, AR, Acxiom collects and processes consumer data and says it manages more than a billion records a day for its customers, which include major credit card issuers, banks, insurers and automakers.

"The Acxiom relationship is significant as it adds a business-to-consumer (B2C) flavor to the Oracle Customer Hub," said Ray Wang, a business applications analyst with Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc. "Like Oracle's

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The goal of MDM is to reduce errors by reducing data duplication throughout an organization, in essence giving users what has been called "a single source of the truth." Through Acxiom, Oracle hopes to add to that value proposition by offering users "content-rich" capabilities that allow them to draw on master data in order to gain a better understanding of their customers.

In addition to increasing users' sales and marketing effectiveness, Oracle says the new joint offering will lower the typical cost of deploying MDM through faster implementation.

According to Oracle, the planned release will include Knowledge-Based Master Data Management, which will provide Acxiom consumer data alongside Oracle's CDI-MDM application; and Prospect Mastering, which will combine the Acxiom InfoBase prospect list with Oracle-Siebel marketing software to assist users with targeted marketing campaigns.

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