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Podcast: Oracle Database 11g preview -- New automated features promise to make DBA life easier

Oracle Database 11g will offer new automated management features that should allow DBAs to concentrate on more strategic issues. We talked to an Oracle honcho to find out more.

Oracle Database 11g -- the newest version of Oracle's flagship database management system (DBMS) -- is set for release later this year and will offer new automated, or self-management, features designed to let the database administrators (DBAs) concentrate on more strategic issues. got on the phone with Leng Tan, Oracle's vice president of database manageability and diagnosibility to find out more. In this podcast interview, Tan talks about enhancements to Oracle's Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) which allow it to make recommendations related to Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), new change management features, enhancements which let users run large production workloads in a test environment and much more. If you're interested in learning all you can about the upcoming Oracle Database 11g, then you'll want to download this podcast today.

  Podcast: Oracle Database 11g preview  

  • Download the podcast here: Find out what increased database automation means for the future of the DBA.

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