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Oracle open sources TopLink at EclipseCon

Oracle is contributing its TopLink product to the Eclipse open source community.

Oracle today announced plans to open up the source code for

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The ultimate goal of the project, said Rick Schultz, vice president of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is to simplify some fairly complex technology for developers and make it easier for them to deploy Java Enterprise Applications.

"Oracle is already leading three Eclipse projects related to Java tooling, including the Java Server Faces project, the BPEL Tooling Project and the Dali Project which is the tooling for Java Persistence API," Schultz said. "This new project that we refer to as EclipseLink would be the first Oracle-led Eclipse runtime project. We view it as a natural evolution of our involvement in the open source community."

Oracle says the new project will aim to provide a set of persistence services that can be used in Java and The Eclipse Persistence Platform project will be available free of charge under the Eclipse Public License.

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