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Oracle Database 10g powers growing competitor, a growing competitor to social networking site, is relying heavily on Oracle Database 10g for scalability.

Michael Birch is relying on as the largest social network in the U.S.

As the CEO and co-founder of San Francisco-based Why Oracle?

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Advantages of migrating to Oracle Database 10g

When it came time to choose a launched with Oracle Standard One Edition running on two processors. The company paid about $11,000 for the DBMS software and licensed it through Dell Computer Corp.

"That lasted us for a very long time," Birch recalled. "We were probably doing 30 million page views a day before we started considering the upgrade path beyond that."

Today, is running on Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition Release 2 on six processors. Birch says that infrastructure currently supports more than 100 million site page views per day and about 1.2 million image uploads per day. The company currently has no plans to upgrade to 11g when it's released later this year.

"If there were issues that we were trying to overcome with 10g, then we'd probably be pressing ahead to the next version, but the site is super stable and the database is super stable, so there doesn't seem to be any urgency to do that," Birch said.

The feature of choice

Oracle Database 10g's Before started using IOT, records for individual site users were stored in different places and on different discs, and retrieving the information required a lot of physical I/O. That dilemma led to IOT.

"We adopted IOT, and we converted our tables to it. You can actually convert tables on the fly and it doesn't require downtime," Birch said. "We converted a lot of tables and saw huge gains in terms of the amount of discs we needed."

Things are currently running efficiently at, but Birch says that -- going forward -- anything Oracle can do to help improve database performance would be welcomed with open arms.

"Performance is absolutely key to us," he said, "so anything Oracle can do to improve that is always a bonus."

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