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Top five Oracle tutorials, fast guides and news stories of 2006

We've gathered our most popular learning guides, original news stories, tips and expert responses of the year in these four top-five lists.

Below you'll find our most popular Oracle tutorials and other content of the year -- these are the pages that drew the most readers to in 2006. Check out, again or for the first time, the best of '06: our top five learning guides, tips, original news pieces and expert responses. It's our gift to you -- happy holidays!

Top five Oracle tutorials and learning guides

  1. Fast Guide: Solving common Oracle errors: Stumped by an Oracle error? This Oracle tutorial is a list of every expert response pertaining to Oracle errors on You've already asked the questions -- now find the answers quickly and easily.
  2. Fast Guide: PL/SQL: This fast guide links you to PL/SQL tips, expert responses and resources on and from around the Web. It can help both newbies and veterans become better acquainted with Oracle's procedural language extension to the structured query language (SQL).
  3. Exporting Oracle data: Exporting data is a common task for an Oracle DBA, but not necessarily a straightforward one. In this compilation of questions and answers, Oracle experts Eli Leiba, Karen Morton and Brian Peasland explain how it's done, with step-by-step instructions and example scripts.
  4. Crash Course: Oracle basics: This crash course will help you research Oracle technologies or get started with your own Oracle DBMS. It will bring you up to speed on Oracle basics for versions 8.x through 9.x, and provide you with an overview of Oracle10g's new tools and features.
  5. Learning Guide: SQL: Whether you're new to Oracle or a seasoned expert looking to tweak query performance, this learning guide to the structured query language (SQL) has something for you.

Top five tips

  1. Five Oracle tips in five minutes: These five quick tips may make your life as an Oracle DBA just a bit easier. Check out these member-submitted scripts and shortcuts to better manage your queries, conversions, rollbacks and other Oracle processes.
  2. The art of SQL: Recognizing classic SQL patterns: This chapter excerpted from The Art of SQL examines the nine most common situations encountered when accessing data in a properly normalized database.
  3. Optimizing Oracle performance (Chapter 1): This book excerpt discusses what you're doing wrong in performance tuning. It covers some of the root causes of performance issues, problems with commonly used tuning techniques, requirements of a good method, advances in performance improvements, tools for analyzing response time and more.
  4. Introduction to Business Process Execution Language (BPEL): This article provides an introduction to BPEL including an introduction to Oracle's BPEL Process Manager, as well as an overview of basic service-oriented architecture (SOA) terms.
  5. Database down! Bring it back alive!: This excerpt from Everyday Oracle DBA explains what to do in the worst-case scenario of a database crash.

Top five original news pieces

  1. Oracle vs. PostgreSQL: Users speak out: An interview discussing the advantages of PostgreSQL got DBAs talking about the merits of the open source database management system (DBMS) as compared to Oracle -- and their opinions truly ran the gamut.
  2. Special Report: Oracle vs. SAP: The battle for business applications supremacy is raging on -- who will come out on top, Oracle Corp. or SAP AG? This special report includes new articles and analysis on the topic, as well as providing one easy resource of related content from our archives.
  3. Increased automation means changing roles for DBAs: Database administrators (DBAs) who are concerned that their professional roles might be diminished in the face of ever-increasing automation can rest easy, according to a prominent speaker at Oracle's OpenWorld conference.
  4. Eight key tools for Oracle apps developers: Sridhar Bogelli, CEO of an application development consultancy, explains that properly using the tools provided by Oracle and third-party vendors can help E-Business Suite developers and their companies avoid embarrassing, production-related problems.
  5. Oracle unveils new version of open source BerkeleyDB: Oracle has announced the general availability of the open source Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition Release 3.0. The new release of the Java embeddable database is the third to come out in three years and the first new version to come out of Sleepycat Software since Oracle purchased the open source stalwart back in February.

Top five expert responses

  1. EXISTS subquery or OUTER JOIN?: In what case will referencing a table as an EXISTS be faster than referencing the table as an OUTER JOIN? SQL expert Rudy Limeback elucidates.
  2. Cloning Oracle database without exp/imp: Brian Peasland explains how to clone a database with RMAN or a copy of your last backup.
  3. Which is faster, subquery or join?: Rudy Limeback expounds on a reader's question: "When comparing subqueries and joins, which one is faster?"
  4. How to modify sqlnet.ora file to restrict database access?: Database design expert Brian Peasland helps a reader with how to modify the sqlnet.ora configuration file for security purposes.
  5. Restricting a user's access: A reader writes, "I'm trying to restrict access to a database via a trigger after logon to the database." Brian Peasland provides the necessary code.

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