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Podcast: Expert says PL/SQL change needed in Oracle 11g chats with one of the world's leading PL/SQL gurus, Steve Feuerstein, about the PL/SQL changes he'd like to see when Oracle debuts Database 11g.

Steve Feuerstein knows PL/SQL. The author of ten best selling books on the subject, Feuerstein has some serious opinions on the changes he'd like to see in PL/SQL when Oracle debuts Database 11g. caught up with Feuerstein at the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, and in this exclusive podcast interview, he shares those opinions and more. To learn more about PL/SQL, download this podcast today.

  Podcast: Expert says PL/SQL change needed in Oracle 11g  

  • Download the PL/SQL podcast here: During the interview, Feuerstein talks about why he believes people are too accepting of bugs in code and explains where developers can get a free download of his new code-testing tool.

  Program highlights:  

  • (1:57) Considering how big OpenWorld has become, should there be a separate conference for PL/SQL developers?

  • (2:44) Your session at the conference was entitled "Ten things you should never do with PL/SQL." What was number one?

  • (3:30) What do you think is the biggest problem or challenge that PL/SQL developers need to address?

  • (4:58) Users are very conditioned to accept bugs. Does this need to change?

  • (8:00) Can you tell us about your new free tool for testing code?

  • (10:00) What do you think are the biggest deficiencies in the PL/SQL language itself?

  • (12:30) You've written ten very well regarded books. What's next?

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