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Podcast: Security expert sizes up Oracle patch policies

Oracle Security Handbook author Aaron Newman talks to about Oracle's patching problems and some of the typical security concerns that plague Oracle DBAs. sat down with "Oracle Security Handbook" author Aaron Newman at the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. In this exclusive podcast interview, Newman talks about problems with Oracle's patching policies and how well those policies compare to those of IBM and Microsoft. Newman, the co-founder and chief technology officer of Application Security Inc., also talks about some typical security problems and misteps that seem to plague even the most experienced DBAs. Learn more about the current state of Oracle security by downloading this podcast today.

  Podcast: Security expert sizes up Oracle patch policies  

  Program highlights:  

  • (1:20) Is Oracle OpenWorld getting too big to be useful?

  • (2:27) Can you explain the methodology behind what you call post-attack analytics?

  • (3:50) You argue that improper use of Oracle security products can erase the trail of an attacker. Could you elaborate on that?

  • (4:56) What do you think about the overall state of Oracle security these days?

  • (6:33) Is patching vulnerabilities a problem for Oracle?

  • (7:17) How does Oracle stack up against Microsoft and IBM in the area of patching?

  • (8:20) What does your firm offer in terms of security that Oracle does not?

  • (9:55) Will Oracle's Fusion initiative be good or bad for Oracle security?

  • (11:11) What have you heard about the upcoming Oracle Database 11g?

  • (11:55) What are some of the pet peeves you have with Oracle DBAs when it comes to security?

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