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Podcast: IOUG's Kaplan on what's hot at OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld kicks off next week and IOUG president Ari Kaplan says RAC, grid computing and high availability will be some of the hottest topics of discussion among attendees.

The countdown to the biggest Oracle OpenWorld conference ever is on, and Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) president Ari Kaplan says that the hot topics on the minds of database administrators this year include Real Application Clusters (RAC), grid computing and high availability. caught up with Kaplan ahead of next week's show to discuss these issues and IOUG's major presence at the show this year. We also got Kaplan's predictions for the most interesting and exciting sessions at the event. Whether you're attending the show or not, this is one podcast you won't want to skip.

  Podcast: IOUG's Kaplan on what's hot at OpenWorld  

  • Download the Oracle OpenWorld preview podcast here: In the podcast, Kaplan also talks about a recent IOUG survey that identified the ever-changing DBA attitudes toward open source technologies. He also gave his opinion on whether he thinks Oracle is a major contributor to the open source movement or simply an open source user, as at least one expert has suggested.

  Program highlights:  

  • (0:45) How big is OpenWorld going to be this year, and how big will IOUG's presence be at the show?

  • (2:00) Can you describe the nature of the relationship between the IOUG and Oracle?

  • (4:18) Can you tell us about some of the user-driven education sessions that IOUG will be sponsoring at the conference?

  • (5:10) What are some of the chief concerns that DBAs in your organization have surrounding RAC, grid computing and high availability in general?

  • (6:34) Are companies mandating high availability today?

  • (7:00) What topics will the IOUG Special Interest Group sessions cover at OpenWorld?

  • (8:36) What is the free IOUG Technology Best Practices booklet all about?

  • (9:34) IOUG recently did a study on DBAs and open source. What concerns did the survey uncover if any?

  • (12:05) Do you consider Oracle a user of open source, a major contributor to the open source movement, or both?

  • (13:17) What are Oracle DBAs currently dealing with in the areas of mobility and remote access?

  • (14:54) Will you personally be leading any OpenWorld sessions?

  • (15:28) What keynotes or other sessions are you looking forward to the most and why?

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