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Oracle unveils new tools for .NET developers

Oracle has unveiled two new free downloads for developers of Microsoft .NET applications who want to get more out of Database 10g.

Oracle today released two new free downloads that are designed to let developers of Microsoft .NET applications work more efficiently with Oracle Database 10g.

The new releases include Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET (ODT), a plug-in that lets developers use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to create and deploy .NET-based applications with Oracle's database management system (DBMS), and Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP), which supports ADO.NET 2.0, Microsoft's standard for data access.

Although Oracle has lately been putting much of its effort into Project Fusion, which will ultimately serve as a Java-based alternative to .NET, company executives interviewed yesterday said that the new tools for Microsoft users show that the company is committed to helping developers regardless of the platforms they use.

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"The availability of these free downloads is a good example of [our] commitment to the .NET community," said Willie Hardie, Oracle's vice president of database product marketing.

Hardie said that along with the downloads, Oracle is offering free related tutorials for existing customers and newcomers interested in using .NET in conjunction with Database 10g. The new releases can be downloaded from the Oracle Technology Network site, he said.

The latest version of Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET includes a newly integrated debugger that allows developers to debug PL/SQL stored procedures and functions from within Visual Studio 2005, said Christian Shay, Oracle's principal product manager for ODT.

Shay pointed out that the latest version of ODT is supported by Oracle databases going back to version 8.

Alex Keh, Oracle's principal product manager for ODP, said that the new tool helps developers of .NET applications access information from Database 10g more efficiently. Specifically, he said, developers can more easily take advantage of 10g's applications security context, clustering functionality as well as native Oracle data types such as LOBs and REF Cursors.

"Oracle Data Provider for .NET is a data access driver between the .NET middle tier and the Oracle database," Keh explained.

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