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Are you master of your domain? wants to know how your company is attacking the master data problem.

Mark Brunelli, News Editor

There's been a whole lot of talk about master data management (MDM) of late, although most of it is coming from IBM, not Oracle.

Implementing MDM requires more than just software. It combines middleware with data governance techniques in an effort to solve the problem of getting source or master data – and all of the copies of that data which tend to multiply throughout an organization – to sync up. This means that business and IT must come together to define the data properly, and to implement policies to ensure those definitions don't get skewed. The idea is that by achieving greater data consistency, companies can reduce errors, save time, improve customer experiences and ultimately increase profits.

Experts I've spoken with say that DBAs can boost their careers by learning all they can about MDM and positioning themselves as the authority on the subject at their companies. The idea here is pretty straightforward: DBAs that help their companies save money end up making more money for themselves.

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Those experts also point out that in reality, getting to MDM can be a lifelong process. But they add that there are plenty of reasons for companies to begin the MDM journey anyway. Why? Because achieving MDM in just one business unit can have positive bottom-line ramifications for entire organization. wants to know how your company is attacking the master data problem. Is this really an important issue or just a bunch of marketing hype? And what about Oracle? Do they have a good handle on master data or are they falling behind the likes of IBM? Drop me a line at and share your thoughts. In all likelihood, we'll get in touch and include your comments in an upcoming feature.

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