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Oracle error messages

  • Error message ORA-12545 during remote connect

    I am getting the error ORA-12545: "Connect failed because target host or object does not exist" while connecting remotely to the Oracle 8i 1.7 database. Since I have shifted the database to a new server machine, the clients are unable to connect to ... Continue Reading

  • ORA-03113 error when querying table

    I was working on an Oracle database under Windows 2000 Advanced Server a week ago. Then I upgraded my Oracle DB to 9i Release 2. Everything is working fine, but there is a table "Claimantinvoice_master" in which invoice data is stored. ... Continue Reading

  • Receiving ORA-313 and ORA-312 errors when trying to open database

    I have a cold backup of my Oracle 9i database. Recently, I tried to start it up but the database could not be opened. I decided to use the cold backup to restore the database, but the problem remained. Continue Reading

  • "TNS:connection closed" error

    I created a database link to link two Oracle databases. When I queried the remote database, I got "Error: ORA-12537: TNS:connection closed." How can I resolve this? Continue Reading

  • Dump file error

    I've imported a file from cd to server and when I transfer the .dmp file to a user from another user, I get this error: "IMP-00009: abnormal end of export file." How can I settle this? Continue Reading

  • TNS protocol adapter error

    I'm installing Oracle9i using the typical installation, and when I try to log in through SQL*Plus I'm getting the message "TNS protocol adapter error." Do you know why I'm getting this error?Continue Reading

  • Logging in to a test database

    I have a test database that I am trying to refresh from another database. When attempting to import the data, I forgot to truncate the tables. I am now trying to log in to the database as both SYS and SYSTEM and I am getting a 1031 error, "invalid ...Continue Reading

  • "Oracle not available" error

    I have just installed Oracle9i on Windows XP, but when I start SQL*Plus, I get the following errors: ORA-01034: "Oracle not available" and ORA-27101: "Shared memory realm doesn't exist." Please tell me how and where I should make necessary changes ...Continue Reading

  • RMAN connection error

    I have just installed Oracle 9.2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Everything is working perfectly except RMAN. When I write "rman" and press enter it hangs. If I write "rman connect target /" it gives an error saying "can't open connect," though my ...Continue Reading

  • Connecting to 10g database after rebooting server

    I have installed a 10g Oracle database on a Windows 2003 server. After the server is rebooted I am unable to connect to the database. Can you please help me to resolve this?Continue Reading

  • Deleting a user from a tablespace

    I have a deleted user but I am getting its name again in TOAD. If I try to delete it from my tablespace, I get an error that says "cannot drop a user that is currently connected." Please help.Continue Reading

  • Oracle 9i login error

    After installation of Oracle 9i on Windows XP, when I try to log in using "scott/tiger," it's not logging in and displaying the message "Enter user-name," and for the third time it's coming out of SQL. Error: "ORA-12560." I am not entering any ...Continue Reading

  • Increasing listener and process settings

    We have an Oracle9i database on Unix Solaris 5.9 with three instances processing millions of records. We often receive the "timeout" message for one or more jobs. The timeout cause and action suggest that we increase the listener ...Continue Reading

  • Too many open files error message

    I am seeing the following error message in my log files and I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction in resolving this.Continue Reading

  • Rolling back Oracle XSU

    Some of the Oracle XSU that I create contains several inserts/updates and I would like the opportunity to rollback if just one of those inserts/updates fails but this seems impossible as I only get the aforementioned int and not Exceptions thrown ...Continue Reading