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Oracle error messages

  • Problems with installation of Partitioning

    After the installation of Partitioning via Oracle Universal Installer and executing the script you mentioned (and after Oracle restart) I still get ORA-00439 error and V$OPTION still contains Partitioning = FALSE. Could you help me please? Continue Reading

  • Receiving ORA-01034 error while connecting

    I am using Windows 2000 Professional and Oracle 8 with Developer 6i. After two months I recieved an error while connecting, ORA-01034: "Oracle is not available." How I can solve this problem? Continue Reading

  • ORA-00054 error with shell scripts

    I have written a shell script that calls a SQL. This SQL in turn truncates a temp that belongs only to that program. These shell scripts run in batches that are scheduled. At times I get the error "ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT ... Continue Reading

  • Initialization or shutdown in progress

    I'm having a problem when I'm trying to connect to Oracle. I get the message ORA-01033: "ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress." I wait for 30 minutes and the message still appears. Continue Reading

  • Importing dump files from server to computer

    I have Oracle 9i (server and client) on my computer with Windows XP. I have .dmp files from another server. How can I import the data to my computer? Continue Reading

  • ORA-03232 error

    I'm getting an ORA-03232 error. What do I do?Continue Reading

  • Errors during import of a dump file

    I'm new to Oracle and I have the following problem. When I try to do an import of a DMP file, I get this error message and I can't do the import. What do I have to do to solve this?Continue Reading

  • Input/output errors

    I have the following error:

    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file 2 (block # 2772)
    ORA-01110: data file 2: '/home5/oracle/oradata/lrec_ts_files/lrec.dbf'
    ORA-27091: skgfqio: unable to queue I/O
    ORA-27072: skgfdisp: I...Continue Reading

  • Fatal NI connect error

    I have the following error in my Oracle server: "Fatal NI connect error 12638." I don't understood why because it was working so well before, but today it sent that error.Continue Reading

  • Error in ODBC connections

    Using Oracle 9i, Windows 2000 SP4. I'm installing an Oracle client and getting an error in ODBC connections when trying to test the connection.Continue Reading

  • Exporting a DB using Oracle Console

    How can I export my DB using Oracle Console? It asked me to log in in management server mode but I cannot log in. I gave the server as my DB name and it told me that there is no such server.Continue Reading

  • ORA-01092 error while using DBCA

    While using DBCA to set up a new database, the ORA-01092 error appeared. The operating system that I use is Red Hat Linux 8.0. The database system is Oracle9i.Continue Reading

  • Database crash during hot backup

    Our Oracle 8.0.4 database crashed while doing a hot backup with CA BrightStor. Now one of our databases will not start. Event viewer shows it starting and then shutting down again. Our dbaora7.log shows that all tables and control files ...Continue Reading

  • Failure during patch installation

    I am trying to apply Patch Release 2 ( Patch Set 5 for Windows (32-Bit), but the OUI is failing in the middle, throwing an exception that one of the services is still running, although I have shut down the Oracle9i database and stopped all...Continue Reading

  • Errors after patch installation

    I was trying to upgrade from Oracle to so I applied a patch. But after applying, when I tried "startup migrate" it threw error invalid options and "catpatch.sql" was missing. It is still showing, but when I tried ...Continue Reading