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Oracle error messages

  • Archive log files generating quickly

    Yesterday users complained that performance was going down; after than I checked in the database and I found that archive log files are generating very quickly, nearly two archive log files in a minute with a size of 100 MB each. But normally it ... Continue Reading

  • Which IMP messages are warnings and which are errors?

    How can you differentiate in Oracle 9i between import messages (IMP-nnnnn) that are warnings and the ones the are error messages? For example, in case of IMP-00015 the import will terminate successfully with warnings, but in case of IMP-00022 or ... Continue Reading

  • Can I reset the SYS password?

    I am using Windows XP and I have Oracle 9i installed on it. I can't get into Oracle using the SYS account. It either tells me 'you are no longer connected to Oracle' or 'you have no sufficient privileges' when I log on as SYSDBA. Is there a way ... Continue Reading

  • ORA-12537 error when trying to connect

    I installed Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 and got this message when I tried to connect to my database from the client's PC: "ORA-12537 TNS:connection closed." Continue Reading

  • ORA-1053 error after 8i installation on Windows 2003

    After installation of an Oracle 8i database on Windows 2003, we are facing the following error during Oracle service startup (in auto as well as manual mode): "ORA-1053: Could not start the Oracleserviceora8i2 service on local computer." Continue Reading

  • DIM error during 10g installation

    While installing Oracle 10g on Windows 2003 Server (standard edition) I am getting an error, "DIM 00019." What could be the solution for that?Continue Reading

  • Error when running .NET application

    When I run the .NET application, I face an error, "Synonyms translation is no longer valid."Continue Reading

  • Unable to connect to 9i on Windows 98

    I installed a fresh copy of Oracle 9i on Windows 98. After the install, when I log in to SQL*Plus I get the following error: "ORA-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error." And I can't connect.Continue Reading

  • Receiving error at export command

    I have a problem trying to export a database and I cannot figure out what it might be. When writing this line of command (exp user/pass@orcl file=c:scott.dmb full=y), I receive an error message.Continue Reading

  • ORA-0658 error at run time

    All the objects in the database are valid, but at run time I am getting error "ORA-0658 PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called." I selected select * from all_objects where status='INVALID' and got no rows.Continue Reading

  • Ways to handle an error on an INSERT statement

    I am receiving an error on my INSERT statement in a PL/SQL procedure. I had a table in that name during compilation of the procedure and I purposefully renamed it. Due to the table being missing this error is coming. I want to drop or handle this ...Continue Reading

  • SQL execution error ORA-00904

    I'm receiving the SQL execution error "ORA-00904: invalid column name." I have checked all the names and they are correct. I checked the SQL string and it is working in TOAD, which means it retrieved the data. I am lost!Continue Reading

  • Questions about ORA-1652 error

    I would like to ask you a question regarding a previous question ("ORA-1652: unable to extend temp segment by 1280 in tablespace TEMP") posted on your site. With regard to this bug what version was this behavior fixed in? Also, how would not ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-12571 error with Oracle 8i on Windows XP

    I am getting "ORA-12571: TNS:Packet writer failure" when I write tnsping [sid name] in the DOS prompt. I have installed Oracle 8i Enterprise on Win XP. I am able to create the database but unable to connect with Java using Oracle thin ...Continue Reading

  • Unable to open 8.0 database on Windows

    I run Oracle 8.0 on Windows 98 for my pharmacy software. The system has been hanging a couple of times. Now when I start Oracle prior to running my application it shows the database instance started, then mounted, but stops with this error: "ORA-...Continue Reading