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Oracle error messages

  • DBUA does not recognize Oracle sid

    I'm upgrading to 10g R2 on Windows XP using the Database Upgrade Assistant. The DBUA does not recognize the Oracle sid. What could be the reason for this problem? Continue Reading

  • FILE_NOT_FOUND while mapping rdbms80

    Hi, I need help regarding the installation of Oracle8i on Windows 2000 Professional. When I tried to install it gives the following error and quits: " while mapping rdbms80." Please help me with this. Continue Reading

  • Resolving circular dependency between view and procedure

    I am receiving the errors "ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive level 1" and "ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded." It appears as if I have a circular object dependency between a view and a procedure I created. I've been able to re-create a ... Continue Reading

  • DB link only works in one direction

    I have created a database link from one database to another (for example, from A to B and then from B to A). I am able to access data from A to B. But when I try from B to A, I am getting the error "ORA-12505: TNS Could not resolve SID given in ... Continue Reading

  • ORA-27123 after installation

    When I installed Oracle 9i on Linux, the installation went OK. But when the DBCA started to create the database, the error message "ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment" was produced. Continue Reading

  • Can't connect after installation

    I installed Oracle9i on Windows Professional. The first time I tried to connect to Oracle using scott/tiger, I got "ORA-12560: TNS protocol adapter error." How to resolve this issue?Continue Reading

  • "Oracle not available" error after reboot

    I was installing Oracle 8i on Windows XP. After rebooting the system (when I start SQL*Plus and enter user ID and password) I receive the error massage "ORA-01034: Oracle not available." Why is this happening?Continue Reading

  • ORA-01034 with migration

    I'm about to migrate an instance from 8.1.7 to version Both of these version are in the same machine. When I migrate using DBUA from $ORACLE9_HOME/bin, I get the error message "ORA-01034: ORACLE not available." I am sure I have started up ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-1053 with installation of 9i

    I installed Oracle9i and configured OMS, but when I start the OracleManagementService, it gives me the error ORA-1053. The service is not responding in a timely fashion; it cannot start the service on the local computer. I went to the sqlnet.ora ...Continue Reading

  • Error invoking target of makefile

    I am installing Oracle9i on AIX. I am getting this error: "Error invoking target of makefile." This is during the link phase of the installation.Continue Reading

  • Files in use by another application

    I am trying to install Oracle patch to Oracle I keep getting error messages that say some files that need to be changed are in use by another application. I have stopped all Oracle services. Anyone know how to tell which files ...Continue Reading

  • Response to ORA-04031 error

    I have received the ORA-04031 error. What is the size with which this parameter should be updated?Continue Reading

  • Client machines not connecting to server

    I have installed Oracle 9i Client on a PC and configured it to the 9i server and it is working successfully. But when I installed and configured 9i Client on any other machine in the client network, they are not connecting to the server. When I try ...Continue Reading

  • "Oracle not available" error after restart

    I have a problem installing Oracle8i. After installation I am able to log in to SQL*Plus using default usernames and passwords. But once I restart it gives me an error: "Oracle not available." I am not able to locate DBA options in the installed ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-27101 error after moving DB to new domain

    I have an Oracle DB ( on an old NT domain. The rest of the domain has been moved to Windows 2003 AD, and today I disjoined the Oracle server from the old domain and joined it to the new domain. As you might expect, when I tried to access ...Continue Reading