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Oracle error messages

  • ORA-01034 error with 8.1.7 Personal Edition

    I have Oracle 8.1.7 Personal Edition and I have installed it on Windows XP. Now I am getting the error "ORA-01034: Oracle Not Available." Continue Reading

  • Could not initialize the Java Virtual Machine

    I am trying to install Oracle Client on Windows XP Professional on a DELL Optiplex GX620. It is a P4 machine. It gives me the error "Could not initialize the Java Virtual Machine. Program will exit." Continue Reading

  • Resolving circular dependency between view and procedure

    I am receiving the errors "ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive level 1" and "ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded." It appears as if I have a circular object dependency between a view and a procedure I created. I've been able to re-create a ... Continue Reading

  • DB link only works in one direction

    I have created a database link from one database to another (for example, from A to B and then from B to A). I am able to access data from A to B. But when I try from B to A, I am getting the error "ORA-12505: TNS Could not resolve SID given in ... Continue Reading

  • ORA-27123 after installation

    When I installed Oracle 9i on Linux, the installation went OK. But when the DBCA started to create the database, the error message "ORA-27123: unable to attach to shared memory segment" was produced. Continue Reading

  • ORA-01034 with migration

    I'm about to migrate an instance from 8.1.7 to version Both of these version are in the same machine. When I migrate using DBUA from $ORACLE9_HOME/bin, I get the error message "ORA-01034: ORACLE not available." I am sure I have started up ...Continue Reading

  • Files in use by another application

    I am trying to install Oracle patch to Oracle I keep getting error messages that say some files that need to be changed are in use by another application. I have stopped all Oracle services. Anyone know how to tell which files ...Continue Reading

  • "Oracle not available" error after reboot

    I was installing Oracle 8i on Windows XP. After rebooting the system (when I start SQL*Plus and enter user ID and password) I receive the error massage "ORA-01034: Oracle not available." Why is this happening?Continue Reading

  • Can't connect after installation

    I installed Oracle9i on Windows Professional. The first time I tried to connect to Oracle using scott/tiger, I got "ORA-12560: TNS protocol adapter error." How to resolve this issue?Continue Reading

  • ORA-1053 with installation of 9i

    I installed Oracle9i and configured OMS, but when I start the OracleManagementService, it gives me the error ORA-1053. The service is not responding in a timely fashion; it cannot start the service on the local computer. I went to the sqlnet.ora ...Continue Reading

  • Error invoking target of makefile

    I am installing Oracle9i on AIX. I am getting this error: "Error invoking target of makefile." This is during the link phase of the installation.Continue Reading

  • Client machines not connecting to server

    I have installed Oracle 9i Client on a PC and configured it to the 9i server and it is working successfully. But when I installed and configured 9i Client on any other machine in the client network, they are not connecting to the server. When I try ...Continue Reading

  • Response to ORA-04031 error

    I have received the ORA-04031 error. What is the size with which this parameter should be updated?Continue Reading

  • ORA-27101 error after moving DB to new domain

    I have an Oracle DB ( on an old NT domain. The rest of the domain has been moved to Windows 2003 AD, and today I disjoined the Oracle server from the old domain and joined it to the new domain. As you might expect, when I tried to access ...Continue Reading

  • Unable to enter database with scott/tiger

    I have a problem with installing Oracle9i on Windows XP. When I give username and password as scott and tiger, I cannot enter the database. I get a "TNS PROTOCOL" error. Even while installing, it says SID already exists.Continue Reading