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Oracle error messages

  • RMAN-10038 error

    My RMAN connection fails intermittently with error RMAN-10038. The command I used is "rman target sys/xxxx@production catalog rman/xxxx@rman." Continue Reading

  • Import terminated successfully with warnings

    I have an export file created by EXPORT:V08.00.05 via conventional path. My system is running Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release When I tried to import the file, I got an error message. Do I fix it? Continue Reading

  • Cannot open shared object file

    When I run SQL*Plus I get this error: "/data/opt/bcs/packages/oracle- error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory." What to do? Continue Reading

  • Finding SQL that caused an error

    I have an error trigger that reports on an error the info from v$session. With the sid, serial and hash_value, etc., I can look up the SQL that caused the error (V$SESSION, V$PROCESS, V$SESS_IO, V$SQLTEXT_WITH_NEWLINES). Question: Do you know how I ... Continue Reading

  • Error during export of 10g database

    I am getting an error while exporting an Oracle 10g database. I have Oracle Client Release Continue Reading

  • ORA-01552 with import command

    I am supporting a system that uses export for backup. I want to test the import command to create a new database on a different machine. I run ORADIM to create a new instance and then create database to create the new database, and @catalog.sql and ...Continue Reading

  • Error messages with import/export

    I am trying to export a database from Oracle and import to Oracle 10g, and I am getting an error message.Continue Reading

  • Can't connect to shut down the database

    I read this: "The ORA-1089 error is telling you that someone attempted to perform a SHUTDOWN of the database. No new transactions can be started. If this condition persists for a long period of time, sign on to the database as SYSDBA and issue the ...Continue Reading

  • FRM-10142 error message

    Please explain the following error message: "FRM-10142: HTTP Listener is not running on rmurthy at port 8888. Please start the listener."Continue Reading

  • JVM error during installation

    When installing Oracle8i Database in Intel Celeron/Windows XP Home Edition, the OUI was not able to intialize due to JVM error. I was unable to do the installation. If applicable what needs to be edited in the registry, with what values?Continue Reading

  • Listener failing to start

    I have installed Oracle 10g on Linux. I've logged in as sysdba, and I've given the command "startup." I got a response that the database was mounted. After that I disconnected and gave "lsnrctl." But I got a message that the listener failed to ...Continue Reading

  • "Oracle not available" message when creating database

    I just finished installing Oracle 9.2.0 on my Solaris machine. When I create a DB using DBCA, it keep giving me the error message "ORA-01034: Oracle not available." Then I have to press "ignore" many times to make the process finish.Continue Reading

  • Can't write to /tmp

    I am installing (64-bit) on a Solaris box that has 64-bit kernel. I get a message that I can't write to /tmp and need 69MB free. I have also redirected the /tmp to /oracal/tmp, which I know the Oracle user has write access to. Any ideas on ...Continue Reading

  • How do I find which services are running and close them?

    I was trying to install Oracle9i ( on Windows XP. It displays the error message "the following running services need to be shut down before continuing Oracle MTS Recovery Service. Certain files that need to be reinstalled by Oracle ...Continue Reading

  • Getting "null pointer exception" error

    I installed Oracle 10g on it. When I want to shut down the database from the em console I can't do it. I get a message saying "internal server error null pointer exception." Where do I create the username and password for OSHost?Continue Reading