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Oracle error messages

  • ORA-2264 error when importing data

    We export data in full mode and in consistent mode. But when we import this data we have too many errors, such as "ORA-2264: name already used by an existing constraint." Continue Reading

  • Data corruption in dump file

    We had an outage problem this weekend in the office and one of our dump files has a data corruption issue. When trying to import the dump file I get "IMP-00058: ORACLE ERROR 1034 encountered," which means that the database is down. We use RedHat 6.2... Continue Reading

  • End of file on communication channel

    I had to uninstall Oracle9i and reinstall it again, and during that process I encountered a TNS error, but I continued with the installation. After that I logged into PL/SQL to execute some scripts. After the execution it gave an 'end of file on ... Continue Reading

  • ORA-00406 error when creating tablespace

    When I tried to create a tablespace, Oracle gave me this error: "ORA-00406: COMPATIBLE parameter needs to be or greater." I have changed the COMPATIBLE entry in my init*.ora file in the pfile subfolder. Then I restarted the database. ... Continue Reading

  • Error in writing to directory

    I am getting an error message while I am trying to install Oracle9i on my Windows XP machine. It gives me the error message "Oracle Universal Installer: Error in writing to directory. Please ensure that this directory is writable and has at least ... Continue Reading

  • ORA-27140 error after creating another user

    Recently, I did an installation of Oracle 10g on an AIX 10.2.0 machine using user 'oracle.' Everything was running fine using 'oracle' until I created another user, i.e., ora1 to login. I received the following error: "ORA-27140: attach to post/wait...Continue Reading

  • No longer able to log in to SQL*Plus

    I had installed Oracle9i four or five months back and was using SQL*Plus for writing queries. After that I did a few other installations and uninstalls for other software, and after many days I tried to enter SQL*Plus but am not able to log in. ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-12505 error after upgrading hard drive

    I recently upgraded the hard drive on my Windows machine where I have Oracle 9.2.0 installed. I use this instance as a testbed for other applications that require database connectivity. On my old hard drive, I had no issues, but now, when I attempt...Continue Reading

  • "No interface driver connected" error

    I've installed Oracle8i on my Windows XP system. When I open the application the following error pops up: "ORA-03121: no interface driver connected. Function not performed." I give the username and password but still get the error.Continue Reading

  • Can't get into new database with same username/password

    My username/password is sys/sys. I can connect to one database named oradbs with this password, but when I want to create another database, I can get into SQL*Plus but cannot connect using the same username and password. It throws the ORA-01031 ...Continue Reading

  • Export failing with EXP-00002

    I'm having trouble with exporting using the Oracle 8.1.6 export utility to export tables from an Oracle database. These exports are part of a bill close we do every month and have been working fine for about a year. Now suddenly the ...Continue Reading

  • Can't get data with synonym name

    I created a public synonym with the same object name to allow me to refer to that object without prefixing the schema name, and I gave a select insert and update grant to public on that object, but I still can't get the data by using the synonym ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-00904 error on select statement

    I am working in JDEVELOPER using JDBC. This program is working with objects. I am getting this error on a SQL statement: "java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00904: "R": invalid identifier." How do I fix this? It seems like object r is not connected to ...Continue Reading

  • Query sometimes returns ORA-1403

    We have a query that sometimes returns ORA-1403. The same query executes successfully from the SQL*Plus prompt and many times from our application. Also, we can access the same data using cursors or an update query. The solution is to restart Oracle...Continue Reading

  • Import terminated successfully with warnings

    I have an export file created by EXPORT:V08.00.05 via conventional path. My system is running Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release When I tried to import the file, I got an error message. Do I fix it?Continue Reading