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Oracle error messages

  • Database link works for a few days then returns an error

    I created a database link, and it worked for two or three days. My next attempt to use it resulted in an ORA-12640 error -- "Authentication Adapter Initialization Failed." I checked the error and found it didn't say specifically what the problem ... Continue Reading

  • Header verification failed

    I am using an Oracle dump from Sun Solaris and putting it on a Windows 2003 server. The following error gets generated: "Not a valid export file. Header verification failed." Please let me know what the problem could be. Continue Reading

  • Header error during import

    I am getting a header error while importing exported data from one server to another server. Continue Reading

  • Getting ORA-12505 when trying to connect to work from home

    I am getting an error message, ORA-12505, saying the SID is wrong. I am trying to connect from home to my place of work. I have mapped drives to orawin95. Does the error reside on my end? Continue Reading

  • Perl script calling SQL scripts with SQL*Plus

    I have a Perl script that calls several SQL scripts by using SQL*Plus. Whenever there is an error in the SQL script, it returns a value to the Perl that stops the job from running. When the database is down, SQL*Plus does not return any execution ... Continue Reading

  • Packet failure error when connecting remotely

    I'm getting a packet failure error when I connect to Oracle Forms 6i and Reports 6i to a remote database from my Windows XP Home. It is connecting to Oracle9i, Toad and also Oracle Workflow.Continue Reading

  • Invalid identifier error

    Can anybody help me with this?: ERROR at line 5: ORA-00904: "MAXAWARDS"."ROLE": invalid identifierContinue Reading

  • Memory realm does not exist

    When I restart my database server and my client connection I receive the following error: "Memory realm does not exist." Then I start up my database manually and this problem is solved, but my service is also in auto mode.Continue Reading

  • Migrating Oracle from HP-Unix to AIX

    We are migrating Oracle from HP-Unix to IBM AIX 5.3. We have been experiencing a lot of errors; some tables have not migrated properly. What are the key areas we must ascertain for a successful migration?Continue Reading

  • Sudden appearance of ORA-12560

    I used to be working fine with my database, but one day suddenly it sent me the message that there was a shutdown in progress. I corrected the problem, but now I get the message ORA-12560. What can I do? I've checked and the service for the database...Continue Reading

  • Cannot install into existing Oracle home

    I am installing Oracle Enterprise Edition 10g software on a Solaris Sparc server. There is exisiting Oracle 9i software installed in the same ORACLE_BASE. At the command line I type export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/10g and then start the install. It makes...Continue Reading

  • Using DBUA for RAC databases

    I need to upgrade a RAC 9.0.X database to RAC 9.2.X. The upgrade guide doesn't seem to have the info I need for using the Database Upgrade Assistant for RAC databases. When I start DBUA and select the db to be upgraded, I get an "ORA-01034: Oracle ...Continue Reading

  • DIM-00019 error

    I have installed Oracle9i on Windows 2000. When I start the Oracle Database Assistant I am getting the "DIM-00019: message 19 not found" error.Continue Reading

  • Database creation stops at 81%

    I'm trying to install Oracle9i on a Windows XP platform and when I try to create a database, it stops at 81% and gives me an empty message. What is the problem?Continue Reading

  • Error in writing to file

    While installing Oracle9i Standard Edition I received the following error: "Error in writing to file d:oracleora90assistantstemplatesTransaction_Processing.dfj." After ignoring this I installed the software but I can't connect to the database with ...Continue Reading