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Oracle error messages

  • Errors after installing Oracle 8.1.7 release 3 patch

    I just installed the Oracle 8.1.7 release 3 patch on Windows 2000 and I can no longer get Oracle to run. I am getting "ORA-02034: Oracle Not available," and the OraDim.log has "ORA-01078: Failure in processing sys parameters" and "ORA-12638: ... Continue Reading

  • Listener could not resolve SID

    I am new in Oracle. When I try to log in to Oracle SQL*Plus I get the error: "listener could not resolve SID given in connect description." If my computer name is "abc" for example, how do I set listener.ora and tnsnames.ora? Continue Reading

  • Can only connect as scott/tiger

    I recently installed Oracle 9.2 on my system but am having some problems. I can't connect to the database as sys/change_on_install or system/manager. However I am able to connect as scott/tiger. I want to be able to use the sample schemas such as ... Continue Reading

  • "Failure when initializing OCR"

    I am installing Oracle 10g on MS Windows 2003 Server. During the installation I get the following error: "Failure when initializing OCR." Next, the error: "Install program cannot initialize service OracleCSService." I select "retry" and the ... Continue Reading

  • Can't install Developer 2000 on same machine as 9i

    I have Windows XP and Oracle 9i installed on it. However, whenever I try to install Developer 2000 on it it says that that an Oracle home directory by the name of Ora 9.0 already exists on it. Continue Reading

  • Oracle listener affected by new Service Pack 2

    I'm on Windows XP and I just upgraded to a new Service Pack 2. It seemed to affect my Oracle Listener. I get ORA-12541 errors now when I try to connect, no matter how I try to connect. This was not happening before and my TNSNAMES.ORA and ...Continue Reading

  • What is the alert log?

    I'm using Oracle 10g. My friend told me to go to the alert log and review the error messages. What is an alert log in Oracle? What is the use and purpose of this file? How to review this file and where exactly is it located?Continue Reading

  • Insufficient privileges error connecting as sysdba

    I am doing a DR test for my production SAP database. I restored the datafiles and redo log files. I get an insufficient privileges error when I try to connect as sysdba.Continue Reading

  • Cause of TNS packet writer errors

    I am running an old version of Oracle and in the past few weeks, I have been getting numerous TNS packet writer erros. Can you give me some pointers as to the causes of these?Continue Reading

  • Getinfo procedure error

    I have two different versions of Oracle, 8.0.5 and, on Win2000 SP4. I have to upgrade my database to 10g. But under normal working conditions I get a Perl.exe.OCIDLL getinfo procedure error. How to resolve this error?Continue Reading

  • Opening recovered database with UPGRADE option

    I have a backup of an Oracle 8i database which I needed to restore on Oracle 10g Server. I created a new database on the server, placed all the datafiles and redo logs and then re-created the controlfile and did a recover database using the backup ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-01555 error when exporting table with BLOB column

    I think that I have a data problem. Exporting a table with a BLOB column, I get an ORA-01555 error even though I can export a like-sized table, 1.6 million rows, that has a long raw column containing similar data, .pdf files. How can I figure out ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-00932 using length function

    An article on this Web site said the length function could tell me the length of a long datatype column. However, in SQL*Plus I received the following error: "ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected NUMBER got LONG."Continue Reading

  • ORA-28500 with database link

    I created a database link from Oracle 10g to MS SQL Server. In one table there is a column name larger than 30 characters. I don't select this column but I get this error: "ORA-28500: Attempt to access a column Address_OutputMedium_Caption_ID with ...Continue Reading

  • DB exception with two errors

    I am getting a DB exception with two errors together: "ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 2" and "ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded." Does this mean that the error in recursive SQL at level 2 is "maximum open cursors exceeded" ...Continue Reading