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Oracle error messages

  • Erased too many registry keys with deinstall

    I had installed Oracle 10 XE on my computer, but I deinstalled it. Doing so, I think I erased more registry keys than necessary, because when I tried to reinstall it, Windows showed the message: "error: 1612 The installation source for this product ... Continue Reading

  • FRM-40401: no change to save

    I am entering the following code from Developer but it gives an error, "FRM-40401: no change to save." Continue Reading

  • Unable to allocate bytes of shared memory

    On HP P-IV 2 MHz, 2 GB RAM, Windows 2000 Server, during installation of Oracle 8.1.5, an error message appears: "unable to allocate 82731112 bytes of shared memory." Continue Reading

  • Unable to install with second oracle_home

    I am trying to install Oracle with a second Oracle_Home for my SAP test server; I already have one Oracle_Home for my development server, which is working fine on the same box. The Oracle Universal Installer stops at 30% at the executing ... Continue Reading

  • Could not resolve service name

    I've installed Oracle9i in Windows XP, and when I try to connect through SQL*Plus it gives me an error: "TNS:Could not resolve Service name." I connected using scott and tiger. I even tried through svrmgrl in the command prompt. There it gives me ... Continue Reading

  • Insufficient privileges installing 9i on RHEL4

    I am installing Oracle 9i on RHEL4 and after 93% it gives me an error: "You don't have sufficient privileges to write to the specified configuration assistant ..." Can you give me a link or PDF documents to solve this problem?Continue Reading

  • Declaring same variable twice in a package

    Recently, I tried declaring and initializing the same variable twice with different values each time in a PL/SQL package. To my surprise, it got compiled without any errors. I tried the same in a procedure and got a complier error.Continue Reading

  • Using Developer 2000 and Oracle8i on same machine

    I'm installing Oracle8i on Windows 2000 on NTFS partition and on the same machine I'm installing Developer 2000 or Forms 6 in a different partition. When I try to connect Developer to Oracle, I get the error "ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service...Continue Reading

  • Replacing hostname with IP address

    I have installed Oracle 10g and am able to connect to the db without any errors. But when I replace the hostname with the IP address of my machine in the listener.ora file, I am getting an error: "ORA-12514: TNS: listener does not currently know of ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-12699 when logging on as domain user via client

    I'm encountering the error "ORA-12699: Native Service Internal Error" while connecting to the Oracle 10g database server using Oracle client. This happens when I log on as a regular domain user, but doesn't arise if I log in as administrator.Continue Reading

  • Non-zero values for SHARED_POOL_SIZE and JAVA_POOL_SIZE

    I am getting an ORA-04031 error. I have a two-node 10g RAC cluster. If I gave both SHARED_POOL_SIZE and JAVA_POOL_SIZE values (thus overriding the defaults) how would this affect the running of the CLUSTER? Does a CLUSTER require these values to be ...Continue Reading

  • Full export with sys and sys object errors

    I made a full export on an Oracle 9i database and created a database on a different machine with a different name. When I tried to make the full import I had lots of errors, especially at the sys and sys objects. What should I do?Continue Reading

  • Rollback segment datafile deleted

    Somebody deleted the rollback segment datafile from the server. The database cannot be started again. We get "ORA-01545 rollback segment 'RBS01' specified not available." Sometimes, it will throw a ORA-00600 error.Continue Reading

  • TX-level lock

    We found a TX-level lock on one of our tables. When we checked our application logs we found that it is throwing an ORA-01652 exception, saying "unable to extend tempspace." Our tempspace is already 27GB, is it less? Secondly, can dropping this ...Continue Reading

  • ORA-14450 error with ALTER TABLE

    When executing (from SQL*Plus) ALTER TABLE event_work MODIFY(user_pid VARCHAR2(22 BYTE)) we get this error: "ORA-14450: attempt to access a transactional temp table already in use."Continue Reading